Updating social link icons such as Twitter and the Roblox Logo

Would it be possible to update the group link icon so it shows the new logo, and also update the Twitter logo to show the new X logo?

Old Roblox Logo

Old Twitter Logo

As a Roblox developer, it’s annoying how strict the logo policy is, and how it states it MUST be the new logo if it’s being used anywhere, but Roblox themselves don’t follow this rule :frowning:


Could you link the source for this? I’m curious on if this is actually a rule.


The old Brand Guidelines showed the old logos, but it seems to have got changed…


It does state you can’t use the Roblox logo at all, tho DONT Use the Roblox logo; only the “Now on Roblox” badge can be used.


It should stay, for those who are unaware that Twitter was rebranded to X


What else would they use though…??? They’re the company, thats THEIR logo, they have rights to use it in anything BECAUSE they own it.

Should I not use an asset (I made) because others can’t use it?

The “Now On Roblox” badge is fine because it’s good Roblox doesn’t wan’t to make people think they have “affiliation” incase the game is controversial or bad, wear that “Now On Roblox” with pride!


No one i know calls it X, its still twitter… They should not change the twitter icon


I only agree about roblox changing the roblox icon, I disagree about twitter icon being changed

It’s not going to change back to Twitter, so we just got to change with times

Let’s just revert to the old R roblox logo instead… :person_shrugging:

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Ah yes, my favourite game engine/platform/thing.

Why did ROBLOX think a square was a good idea for a logo?

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I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to symbolize the semplicity of Roblox.

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I mean, it’s a good logo, what else would it be? The entire logo??

I disagree with changing the twitter icon. many users know twitter for being twitter.
nobody really calls it “x”.

roblox logo could be changed for consistency though, seems like a good change, but not necessarily important right now, because the roblox logo is very similar to how it was in the past. I’d much rather have roblox focus on more important changes & updates than change these icons

I feel like this isn’t really a matter of whether people like Twitter for how its branded today or not.

The only reason this should be added is consistency from my perspective. In things like this, I don’t believe the user’s opinion on whether we approve of the Twitter’s new branding is taken into consideration.

I don’t like the new Twitter branding either, but for consistency purposes, this should be added. This is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t believe user’s opinion on branding should taken into consideration over consistency for things like this.


i don’t really think this change would be important for now, roblox currently has many more important flaws like abused dsa reports, being unable to remove content you don’t want anymore (which should be a thing on all platforms at this point), there’s users acting very inappropriate, and i would honestly be happy to see them focus their resources to fix some of the more major problems first.

about the twitter logo itself, i don’t think it’s a good change, because there’s still people out there not familiar with the rebranding, aside from that the new icon doesn’t look that family friendly and some parents that don’t use the internet that much, might think the logo stands for something more inappropriate and will take away their kid’s access from roblox

There are many departments at Roblox working on many different things at once…