Upload Custom Materials in the New Material Service Beta

This is actually planned. They are working on the ability to add full custom materials, without replacing built-in materials.

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It seems the moderation of uploading images is still interfering with the uploading of material files.

When attempting to upload these images (the variant 1, ao, normal, and refl):

only ONE got accepted (there is a re-upload) by Roblox automated moderation:

There is just… absolutely nothing inappropriate about those lmao.


The Wild West Bean Edition

I’ve heard the old wood texture was a procedurally generated texture. I don’t think it would be possible to recreate it entirely.

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I think this feature is great, but theres one big issue. It would be nice if there were different tilling types. I need one that doesnt move the entire texture to the upper left when I resize the object. This makes it annoying to use for a road texture. It’s fine for organic looking stuff like grass or wood, but not more, I guess you could say, uniform stuff like bricks or roads.

Like for the inbuilt brick texture, the way it tiles is different then the other ones, the entire texture doesn’t move and just, I guess you could say creates more of it. I really want to enable that as an option. It’s hard for me to explain, here’s a video demonstrating what I mean.

You can notice the entire road texture keeps moving to the to left no matter how I resize it, while the brick texture doesn’t. It would be nice If I had an option to tile it like how the brick texture does. Having it move to the top left isn’t ideal when I resize the object it’s on. Also I’m not sure if this is planned, but having custom materials without having to override others would be really nice.


This hasn’t come out yet.

There are two normals which u can overlay. with photo editor

Diffuse map is color map and displacement can only be in used in blender with displace modifier.

Yes roblox could have emissive maps. I wish it had node system like blender

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This is great! However, there are a few issues as of right now:

  • There is no option for perfect stud alignment, the textures are randomly offset for some reason and there is no way to disabled that.
  • There is no way to set the NormalDetail texture, which is used for details such as the lines on the wood.
  • There is no way to change the texture of surfaces on plastic. The main point of having plastic is being able to build like LEGO, but there is no way to set the texture of plastic surfaces like studs or inlets. It would be nice to be able to change the texture of studs and stuff.
  • There should be sliders for adjusting how shiny and metallic a material is, as seen in the SurfaceAppearance beta preview.

Overall, if my concerns are addressed, then I am sure that this new addition will raise the level of visual fidelity in ROBLOX to that of many other modern games, and allow builders to fine tune exactly how their materials look! This is definitely a step in the better direction, especially after the many steps back taken by ROBLOX over the past few years.


Black neon added an amazing mysterious effect to some models in games. with the removal of legacy edition roblox has not quite had the full cartoony effect that i missed in anime games and others.

Legacy was great its neons were great. even if it had to go.


This is actually awesome, however i hope you guys add neon to the types of materials that can be made.
A while ago black neon was taken away from roblox, which i understand why but it really sucks when you like a texture in a game and you try to make some things in your game have it. but then its beauty is gone and you have this really dull looking black or dark colors rather than actually having a glow.
Please add support for neon. and please add support for dark neons.

Roblox has a massive lacking where it comes to light effects. we do not have emissive textures. and we cannot change how bright each part is individually. if roblox is to continue being a really good engine. work on as much customization as possible. the more room for customization there is for developers the better the chance that they will create something innovative!


Finnaly, time to make some “RTX” game and make burn some computer!


this is a vary cool feature :smiley: :+1:


They will not do neon and forcefeild as they dont uses any texture. They are just scripted that way. For glass they could add that feature. There must transmission map in roblox


U ll make the computer as nuclear bombs.


Yes, Why not? No ToS say:

You are not allowed to make the user computer become a nuke.


I sometimes use DX if I want to flip the normals, it’s pretty easy to read normal maps with your eyes

DX and GL are just the same thing flipped


I’ve found out that it’s pretty annoying that these don’t show up in game.

Remember SurfaceAppearance? That was in Beta and it did appear in game. This is proof that we can make a beta feature which works in both Team Create and in game.

Let’s have a vote:

Should Custom Materials appear in game?
  • Yes
  • No

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Moderators don’t review the images. It’s done by a robot.