Upload the block R15 as a package

As discussed in this thread, the only way to insert the R15 default block package without manually building it is to insert a model. This model is not guaranteed to be updated. In addition, the block package has to be handled as a special case in code since it isn’t inserted like other packages via GetAssetIdsForPackage, and doesn’t show up in GetCharacterAppearanceAsync.

The R15 block (default) package should be uploaded as an actual package – off-sale, of course – and be treated like a normal package instead of a special case in GetCharacterAppearanceAsync.


I ran into this issue yesterday when creating a utility. I had to special case blocky compared to the other packages which I wrote a generic function for. I can definitely see the use case here. I’ll see what I can do


Recently a thread in Scripting Support was posted where, again, another user ran into this issue. This is even more necessary as the R15MrGrey package is no longer being maintained.

I’ve just hit this problem too. I’m going to have to upload my own blocky package because Roblox doesn’t have one on the catalog by default. :disappointed:

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