URGENT: Inaccurate API Sales Reporting Leading to Revenue Drops and Delayed Transaction Loads

Sales for UGC Items are inaccurately reported and not updated via the Roblox Economy API. If a creator had 10,000 sales on an item yesterday, it would continue to display as 10,000 sales today via the Economy API, even though they received more sales since yesterday.

Due to the fact the API is not accurately displaying the sales amount, this has broken the best-selling sort on the marketplace, leading to inaccurate filter results. That issue then stems itself into the algorithm because it inaccurately believes an item being recommended is getting no sales after the recommendation and leads to an inorganic drop of revenue for creators.

Further issues caused by the API sales reporting being inaccurate include CSV packages (sales of goods) providing information that is not updated, leading to confusion in the flow of sales.

It is also important to note that sales reporting is being extensively delayed. Below is an image of sales for 2:11 pm at the latest; meanwhile, it’s 2:40 pm (I usually average multiple sales per minute). Some transactions are also not displaying/loading the player’s name/profile picture.

Expected behavior

  • The Economy API should update sales as they happen.
  • The Bestselling sort would display past-day best-selling items with accurate filters.
  • CSV packages should send information that is brand new and accurate.
  • Sales reporting should be timely and load the creator’s name and image.

(It’s important to note that all these issues began occurring directly after the brand-new Avatar Item analytics were introduced)


Every creator is experiencing this problem and it has a major impact on our items! Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

(Nice detailed post @TypeDummy)


Our team has addressed the issue and the service is recovering, but it will take time until full recovery is reached. Until then, you might still experience this issue. Please note, this is a reporting problem and no Robux are lost.


Thank you for reporting it. From what I notice, older sales also have the same bug; it affects both groups and individuals.

This “fix” doesn’t seem to have addressed the best selling page being completely broken. It’s been a day and best selling past day is still no where near correctly displaying.

Popular items not displaying correctly as popular hurts sales for everyone as people are less likely to buy random lower-demand items.

I made a report about it here:


Any ETA for how long this process may take? I’m still experiencing this issue.


UPD: the sales issue has been resolved.


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