[USD] Hiring cartoony vehicle modeler - RoKarts

What is RoKarts?

  • RoKarts is an upcoming kart racing game, following in the footsteps of franchises and games such as Mario Kart, Sonic Racing Transformed, Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, et cetera.
  • RoKarts is currently part of the Spring 2021 Roblox Accelerator Program (If you don’t know what the Accelerator Program is, read Roblox 2021: The Accelerator Program)
  • We are currently a team of over 10; RoKarts has been in development for almost 3 years now.

Here’s a video of our game, please watch so you know what we are about!

Bonus video, if you want to see more: Frigid Pass Demo - YouTube

What do we need?
We are looking for someone who can model and texture (though the texturing is fairly simple) cartoony vehicles that the players can drive with. Players can mix and match chassis (from now on, will be referred to as Kart) and wheels.

As you can see from above, karts support many different configurations and sizes, such as 2 wheels (bike), 3 wheels (tricycle), and even things like 6 or 8 wheels. If you decide to join us, I will provide a detailed design + constraints document explaining what can and cannot be done, though I can provide that same information verbally and through simple discussion (if big fancy documents scare you).

I will be paying in USD. The going rate is 40 dollars per kart + wheel, meaning I want you to model one kart and one wheel (the wheel may or may not correspond to the kart, like if you made a pirate ship kart maybe you would also want to make pirate-themed wheels, but you could also make wheels completely unrelated to pirates).

I have allocated funds for 100 karts, so if you did make 100 karts, that would equate to 4,000 USD. This is most likely a longer term position if you are producing good work, but the good thing is you can model at your own pace, take breaks, resume work, whenever. I am also looking to hire multiple modelers to increase the rate of output, so even if you think you won’t be accepted, please apply!

You will also be provided with many concept arts to base designs off of, so if creating original designs is not your strong suite, we have you covered.

Contact us:
You can reach out to me on Twitter @fluffmiceter, or through the DevForum private messaging system. Please send examples of work or a portfolio.

Here’s a look at what some of the people working with us have accomplished. Currently, there are 7 people creating or set to create karts, but we are still welcome to more inquiries, as this will only increase our total kart output. Please apply!


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