[USD/Percentage] Hiring Graphic Designers, Animators, & Programmers

About Us

Hi! My name is Rallient and I’m the project manager/owner for our game called Contagion. Our team is fairly small and looking to expand. We hope to add a few more talented developers to our team to help in the upcoming release of our game!

The Team
@Rallient - Project Manager/Lead Builder [19%]
@dvenomHD - Lead Programmer/Co-Founder [33%]
@MrDogMusic - UI [20%]
@MediavalDeathLord - 3D Modeler [12%]
@cademan122133 - Composer [7%]
@username - Animator [9%]
@username - Programming [% TBD]
@username - Graphic Design [Commission]

Percentages are subject to change at any time. This is a list of current developers on the team who are earning a percentage.

About Contagion

Game Logo
In Contagion, the objective is to survive, loot, and fight off an infinite wave of zombies /creatures until everyone is eradicated. Players can earn in-game cash & XP from killing creatures and use that cash to buy different perks, which includes consumables, weapon modifiers, and much more. Players can also earn shards from playing and completing daily objectives.

The weapon system will consist of a variety of different weapons (pistols, SMGs, automatics, shotguns, semi-autos) and are bought using shards. Depending on the weapon, you must be a certain level to purchase the weapon. Players can also earn weapon skins that are rewarded from completing an objective or just simply opening crates. A trading system will also be included so that players can trade their skins with each other.

Players can buy shards via the game shop, which will cost robux. As stated before, shards are used to purchase weapons and crates.

In-game images:




Other Weapons

About The Job

Please note, you must be 15 years or older to apply

Developers must possess maturity and the capability to work alongside others. It is important that developers are very fluent with the ROBLOX platform and can do their job extremely well. Below I have listed additional information regarding the roles.


You must be able to:

  • Animate weapons (guns, melee, etc.)
  • Animate character movement and custom character rigs
  • Have a portfolio OR be able to show examples of your work

There are around 30 weapons and counting that will be added to the game that will need to eventually be completed. For Alpha, it is asked that you complete around 10 weapons.

Graphic Design

This is commission only, so you will not be taking a percentage. We will need the following:

  • Badge/Gamepass Icons
  • In-game button icons
  • A portfolio of your work


The percentage will be decided once you are apart of the team. Make sure you possess the following abilities:

  • Advanced understanding of Roblox API + Lua
  • Coding animations + Character UI (you aren’t required to animate, just applying the animation to NPC’s + other players).
  • Coding weapons (guns, melee, etc).


We require that you are apart of this discord if you are to be hired by us, as this is how we communicate.


You will be taking a percentage of the game’s profit. Commissions will be paid via USD, and I prefer to use devEx rates ($3.5/1k :robux:) Of course, prices are always negotiable.

If you are hired on as a programmer, I will pay you via percentage or USD ($50-200 depending on the work done).

Contact Us

My preferred method of contact is my discord, which is @ Rallient#6261, but you can reach me on here or on twitter @ Rallient1. If there are any questions, concerns, please contact me!
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Are you paying with robux, I am a animator but I still need to train more, but I can graphic design.

If you are still looking for a Graphic Designer, here is my portfolio.

If you are interested in my style contact me at Foul#0347.

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I am not an animator I just wanted to say good luck with your game!

Unfortunately I can’t pay with robux as of right now because I’m limited on those funds.

Hello! I’m interested in the job of Graphic Designer!
Portfolio: [CLOSED] Azza | 2D Artist and Graphic Designer | Logos, gamepasses, icons, ads and more
Discord: Azza #3032
Have a nice day! :smile:

Feel free to DM me and we can possibly set something up :slight_smile:

I’m now actively looking for a programmer for the time being.

Added an update to the post explaining that programmers would get paid anywhere from $50-200 depending on the work completed if they decide to be commissioned.

Here’s some examples of my works, seems like a fun group to dev for!

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Awesome work! You don’t do contact through discord though do you?

I do! Let me add you now, if you interested in hiring me.

Feel free to add me @Rallient#6261

Accepting building applications for maps! :smiley:

Have you found a GFX artist? 3000chwrs

how much R$ for the graphics job

Read the full post before applying

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