Use Freecam API?


This may not be the appropriate category, although I do believe it falls under support. Moved to #platform-feedback:client-bugs since nobody replied with a solution.

How are we meant to use the Freecam API?

This post expressly states the existence of the following:

However, @evaera brought up an issue that I still have not seen resolved: the API is listed as being exclusively server-side, but the SetCore method is exclusively client-side.

As such, I ask: Have I missed any fix for this? Is it being worked on? Has it been acknowledged by the appropriate engineering team?

Thank you in advance.


Having it only be able to be granted from the server is not the best choice. I hope they change that. An exploiter can easily manipulate their camera in the same way. This isn’t needed.


This if offtopic, but what do you mean? Exploiters inject code client-side, not server-side.

Regardless, if someone could answer my original question, that’d be great.


I know. They can make their own “freecam” easily. Roblox making this a server-sided function is not the best decision imo


Moved to Client Bugs as I still have not found a solution for this, so I’m assuming it’s something that needs to be fixed internally. My apologies is my assumptions are wrong.