Use SpecialMeshes in R15 packages instead of MeshParts

I don’t understand why R15 packages use different MeshParts instead of SpecialMeshes.

Problems with using MeshParts on R15 packages:
Limb sizes can be different in packages.
High limb sizes can cause collision and physics problems

Problems with using SpecialMeshes on R15 packages:

It’d fix alot of problems if this was added.


There’s been problems with R6 and packages for a while.
Collisions don’t line up properly with visuals.

If your package size is smaller than the default, a ray would hit invisible parts of you outside your body.
If your package size is larger than the default, a ray would cast through parts of you.

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Are you saying that a package’s geometry should change where rays hit the limb? That’s a bad idea, small packages could give the player an advantage.


Here’s a problem MeshPart packages cause:


MeshParts are the future or something like that


The “what you see is what you get” policy is always a more intuitive system. Other than minor gameplay advantages (which could be remedied by the owner) it should make physics in social games much more immersive, correct?

Kinda said the same thing here a few days ago. With the new physics updates I’m all for roblox going back to sandbox designs

Elaborate. How? What benefits does WYSIWYG offer for packages? Enumerate specifically how it is beneficial.

Casting rays and Ragdolls and physical mechanisms all interacting how the player expects instead of lazy erroneous collisons

I’m not saying things are perfect now, however I can see and enjoy where roblox is coming from.
With a few tweaks I think things will be pretty coll with avatar scaling and more elaborate body type changes. Before we were restricted to humanoids but now we could branch out if roblox wanted to different body types and species

This is a good thing? Why should a player’s choice of appearances affect gameplay? I may prefer wearing Korblox General because it’s a cool package. I’d have to take it off whenever I join a shooting game because it makes my hitbox significantly larger.

Let it be cleared up that avatar collisions are not physically accurate. They use Box CollisionFidelity. Observe the collisions for this package:

I don’t appreciate getting stuck in doors because the game developer didn’t take into account each and every package in the design of their mechanisms, or because the package was released after the mechanism was already designed.

There seems to be only problems with MeshPart packages.

The problem with WYSIWYG is that packages should never affect physics, or anything other than rendering for that matter. I want everyone to be on a level playing field, and I don’t want to run the risk of a certain hat or package causing a bug in my game. Forcing developers to account for differently-sized packages is a waste of everybody’s time.


I find all of those examples fun and part of the physics sandbox experience.
Not many shooters that are competitive allow for custom.appereance right now and that should continue.

Shame they only use box collisions

Why should I be punished for wearing wings? It’s not fun when you can’t play half the games with your favorite package.


I see it as offering more player choice and roleplaying.

It’s less offering choice and more forcing you to choose something else. Having to go change my appearance to play every other game is not a fun experience.


Vanity items should NOT affect gameplay. Especially not on a platform where the games are UGC and the creators might be forced to make up solutions for a problem that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

It makes sense to scale the parts for the character scaling feature but the geometry of your packages & weight of the mesh part size changes how your character controls & interacts with others, and this is probably the biggest thing turning me off of R15 right now.

ROBLOX has already had enough of this issue with players wearing extremely heavy hats to affect their character physics in any game they want; this would open a lot of doors for exploits, cheaty mechanics, and broken gameplay.


We are working on solutions to issues with new R15 body parts that are not working well. While many of the conversions to R15 went well, some of the more unusual body parts are having issues with collision and weight and we are looking into solutions to resolve these problem. We will let everyone know about our progress to improve R15 as we take further steps.


Any updates? With packages that have lower torsos that equal the upper torso in size, there are a plethora of issues. For instance, notice how I get caught up on the steps trying to go up?

And constraints don’t work on characters for things like ragdolling because the legs are clipping the lower torso:

I’m aware collision filters are coming, but since the lower torso causes conflicts with the environment, the only solution would be to make the lower torso not collide with anything. Packages should just have a standard size. Even if they end up working fine, equipping a new package shouldn’t affect gameplay.

This is still a work in progress. If you have issues with particular body parts, please list what you’re wearing so it will be easier to replicate for use. Thanks!

The two packages in question were:

Put together a larger compilation of issues. Again, I suggest that vanity items not affect physics – I’ve included recordings of the same test cases with normalized scaling to show how one tweak fixes all physics issues with packages:

Bounty Hunter

Divine Guardian

Korblox Deathspeaker

Here is the level I used to test all of these:
Repro.rbxl (43.0 KB)