User Camera Broken After Exiting Free Cam

Using just the native free cam that is provided by Roblox (Ctrl + Shift + P in a game you own), when exiting the camera mode your camera gets locked onto the player’s head and gets all zoomed in on it. You can zoom out, but it’s still on a weird fov shift & you pretty much just have to rejoin the game to be able to do anything.

I’ve also noticed since this bug started (a few days ago) that free cam is much faster now. Like pressing WASD, the camera moves faster than it used to. Holding Shift still slows the camera down, but the speed of holding shift also seems higher than it used to be.


Another thread regarding this bug was posted a few days prior; it pinpoints errors from the “FreecamScript” that are likely causing the unintended behavior:

Yeah it does appear like the default speed of the freecam was increased. Fortunately, you should still be able to change its overall speed with the up or down arrow keys to adjust it to your liking.

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Tried looking through engine bugs first to see if there was a repeat of this report. Should’ve checked Other Bugs as well I suppose in case. My bad.

Hopefully they’ll get on it and get it fixed already.

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thers a temporary workaround i found here where freecam works fully by enabling it through your menu settings, if you dont use bloxstrap it can still be done with normal roblox

Do you have Adonis admin in your game?

I do and have the same problem.

Does the issue occur without Adonis? I saw that Adonis has a freecam command that may be triggered by Shift + P if you’re an admin.

Removing Adonis from the game does not change the problem. Generally if a game has a freecam command, having access to the Roblox freecam natively (being an owner) will override it.

As an example, I added freecam to one of my games for all users, and made the shortcut Shift + F. If I use Shift + F, it doesn’t work for me as a game owner. I still need to use Ctrl + Shift + P to latch in.

Taking our update screenshots is so nearly impossible. Please patch this Roblox. It happens on brand new baseplates.

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I can confirm this. It happens on every place(existing games, new baseplates, local files).

Exiting freecam also breaks my chat. It happens in all games.

happening to me also!!!

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.