User ddos attack

I have a game and there are security personnels who keep the game moderated.

One of them messged me that Adonis Admin exploit logs showed “RAKNET based volumetric DoS attack detected”
the user got banned,but later on he experienced that his ping became super huge meanwhile having perfect connection,doesnt happen on private servers.

i am sure that is has to do something with exploits because only he is experiencing it no one else.

i am finding solutions the dodge these attacks but i suck at networking,any idea?


Pretty sure it’s not the hacker, unless he clicked a suspicious link. What’s most likely happening is the mod’s computer cannot handle all the player scripts, and in public servers, there’s lots of player scripts, so that’s probably lagging him.

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There might be some script that pings remotes really frequently

look for something like this:

while task.wait() do


while task.wait() do

also if his wifi is slow it might take a while to send request to server

what I mean is that the remotes are getting spammed because of his slow internet sending the requests really slowly and then he gets false flagged by adonis as “ddos” attempt

interesting,ill see. but then why adonis has this then i wonder,thanks

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