User Icons in the "User Menu" CoreGui

As a Roblox developer and user, I find it hard recognizing and seeing if someone is a developer, star creator, or a Roblox admin whenever pressing ESC and checking out the leaderboard of players’ if a game doesn’t have a leaderboard in certain cases.

Throughout my time on the platform, I’ve seen people in certain games across the worldwide website that are Roblox admins, YouTubers, and such. In some games on Roblox, developers or the creator decide to hide the built-in leaderboard Roblox has provided and updated for some time now which seems very great in every aspect of it and wonderful; gameplay and awareness are what the developers disable the leaderboard for.

I’ve also seen impersonations. Having some sort of icon like they show in the leaderboard UI and implement it onto the User Menu on the CoreGui side of Roblox would be helpful for me as a developer and user for many opinions and reasons.

Currently, this is what the User Menu looks like today:

With the image and the game itself, it would be cool to add the icon to the leaderboard itself in the CoreGui so users can see that I’m a developer and not some “fraud” in the group-game.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience and a user experience for me and others around the community, because it could and would allow a “safer” approach to determine who is the imposter or not and have a comfortable environment to check in the User Menu when there’s’ not leaderboard in a game.