User Interface Black Lines


So I’ve got this problem where the UI I created inside my
UI Editor has a Blackline on ROBLOX.

I’m not sure why, but can someone tell me what to do to fix it thanks!

How it should look

What it looks like

First of all it looks great, second, add a black background in a separate layer and slowly go threw and erase the black pixel by pixel until it is perfect.

It’s not my Program, it’s ROBLOX itself that it happens in.

Hmmm, in this scenario I do not know how to fix it. I do recommend outlining the entire UI in something in your GFX program. That may help and may look pretty cool as well. Great job on the UI by the way it looks amazing.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try to outline the UI.

Hopefully it works.

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Aww it didn’t work, but thanks for the advice anyways :slight_smile:

I’ll hopefully get an answer later today!

Oh well that does suck, sorry I cannot be of assistance in this situation i do not often do uis.

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It’s Okay,

I mostly Program and I never really export my UI but I think it’s weird
that ROBLOX Doesn’t provide people with a nice Upload of User Interfaces.

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I agree, but ROBLOX not only has to work on our developer issues but also the gaming issues so maybe some day in the future it will be fixed!

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Black outlines around UI is a pretty common problem. Here’s a medium article that explains what’s going on.

There’s a fix for this in the article I linked in the form of a GIMP plugin. There’s also a standalone application out there that I like which fixes the same thing, developed by someone in the community:

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