User-made custom word filter for textchatservice

Something similiar happend on well known platform called “Twitter” basicially you can mute words and tweets with those muted words won’t appear on your feed.

My suggestion is that roblox engineers should consider adding the same thing for textchatservice and allow users to add their own custom filters to hide chat messages that they don’t want to see or consider them as offensive.

This feature would make it very easy to filter out those bots that currently keep spamming up the chat with their website. It would also improve parental controls if parents of a child want to filter out some words on the chat so their child doesn’t see some things (aka parents can make their own censorship) you know what i mean basic parental control stuff.

Screenshot of those annoying bots (this is one of reasons why roblox should allow us to add our own custom word filter to the chat with roblox account settings)

To comply with some devforum rules i censored their website just to make sure they don’t earn any money from this feature request.

Zrzut ekranu 2024-04-22 184544


I’m not sure if integrating this into the website or something like TextChatService is necessary.

Game-wise it’s fairly easy to write a custom filter to use in-game and using it alongside the actual filter should net the same results. Lua has a fairly powerful built-in pattern matcher, and using that to match things such as links/words/etc. should be enough.

Platform-wise, the player can simply ignore the messages/block users in-game. Not ideal but it works


The bots just spam 5 to 10 messages instantly under few seconds it just floods the chat and its super annoying.

Simply if roblox added those custom filters (aka filters made by players not from luau side) it would hide those messages without having to constantly block new bots over and over every each time.

I can’t even chat with my friends on roblox chat because they don’t see my messages because of those bots. I assume my friends dont block those bots and they just don’t see my messages at all because of bot spam which makes it even more annoying.

Edit 4: TL;DR my point here is that its hard to ignore those bot messages while you are using roblox chat to chat with your friends

I know that its easy for game developer but im talking about user made custom filters so you can manage your own filters via account settings and hide those messages without having to constantly block those users

One more thing there is a limit of how much people you can block on roblox which makes it even harder because theres so much bots you can’t block every each of those bots which makes another issue that custom filters would resolve

Edit 3: I’ll just rename this post because i see we kind of missunderstood eachother what i meant here is literally user-made custom filters for textchatservice and 2nd adventage of that is parental controls (more censorship for parents)

Edit 5: Alternative solution is just using /clear command but that removes every each message on the chat maybe /filter command that removes every each message that matches a word? (of course all of that happens locally on that specific client those commands don’t replicate to other clients)

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Use OnIncomingMessage event, and with string.find make word filter

Like i said its supposed to be user-made custom filters and not for game developers. (via roblox account settings) (btw im mentioning this for 3rd time and this would also be a great adventage for parental controls aka censorship for parents)

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Can’t you use the mute command on the bots?

Usernames are very confusing and you are forced to type out their entire username/displayname and you can’t miss a single character

Thats what also makes textchatservice kinda suck they should make it so it takes like 2 characters and tries to find a player with username/displayname that matches those 2 characters

2nd thing like i mentioned they send 10 messages instantly its literally flooding chat and hides almost every each message that got sent before they flooded chat which makes it even harder to read what my friends sent me (aka i can’t mute them that fast before they send those 10 messages so thats what those custom filters would solve just auto-hide those messages for me before i get to see them)


I would still love for this feature to get added. I am running low on that blocklist and there is only 1 slot left can’t block everyone.