It would be great if you could change the icon when hovering over UI. The current behavior it turns your cursor black.

There is a hacky way to do this,

But it would be great if UserInputService.CursorIcon exists.



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I think this is specifically requesting to change the icon of the mouse when it’s over active gui’s, which as far as I know isn’t currently possible.

@Iiau I feel like this feature request would be better as a property of UserInputService. It seems like Roblox is trying to get all input-related properties, functions, and events moved over to one service. Even MouseIconEnabled is a property of UserInputService, rather than Mouse.

Also the name could probably get a change. Correct me if I’m wrong, but ‘cursor’ is just the proper name for the ‘mouse on the screen’.

In my opinion, the Icon property of Mouse should just be deprecated, and have two properties added to UserInputService:

  • MouseIcon
  • MouseHoverIcon

We need the mousehovericon so bad. There’s no way to add a hovericon for plugins in studio right now.