Users Being Disconnected From Game - "Error Code: 273"

Here is the same error from the game “[ Mansion Survival! ] The Conquerors 3.” Note that this error occurs not only in the matchmaking lobby for the game, but ingame as well.




This happens to me in many games, but especially Rogue Lineage.

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This happened to me and my friends in the server, I noticed something tough…
One of my friends were playing in an android device and then she joined from a PC without disconecting from the android. The moment she loaded on the Windows device we all got this error. Maybe this could shed some light on the issue?


If the pop-up thing says that you are using another device, this means that someone else is trying to join a game, on your account.
Then I recommend you to sign out all other sessions (in Security Settings) and change your password.
If the problem persists, this means that you got either hacked, or it’s just a mysterious bug.
And I also recommend you to up-to-date your launcher.


Is there a way to fix the “mysterious bug”? It’s getting quite annoying how I keep getting kicked out of servers because of this.


@xXMonkeyGiraffeXx, Its just a symbol of an error, but all the time, it doesn’t mean your “hacked”, something must have happened. Try finding some other solutions to possibly reproduce this bug.


Me and my son was kicked with same Error Message !
We played the Game ISLANDS.
Error - Same Account launched
I don’t understand why this happend.
Please fix it.


I regret to report that it seems that this issue has returned and is currently affecting my game Rise of Nations as I have suddenly gotten dozens of reports of this very issue:

The game uses a Lobby and a Main Game connected using TeleportService

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It is bug , Cause I had this message as i were lagging and sometimes i got this. actually it is maybe sometimes be as being hacked but for me it is just lag kick.


Sorry for bumping but this is actually happening a lot in this game Red Light, Green Light - Roblox

Error Code: 273 means that the same account is trying to join the same game from 2 or more devices. If reconnecting doesn’t resolve the issue ensure that your Roblox launcher is up-to-date, and if you use your account on multiple devices you need to sign out all other sessions via Security Settings. If you don’t use your account on multiple devices I recommend changing your password as well.

If the issue persists, but only for a specific game, you should contact the developers for that game and see if anyone else is having the same issue (if so this might be a Roblox bug), otherwise, if the issue persists for multiple games your account might be compromised.

The issue only happens in that game and it happens to my friend on that game too.
I am 100% sure that other people is not on my account and my other devices are offline

I get the same error in most games even in my own games BUT Id 17 happens more often and whenever I flush my DNS before being teleported to the game, It will somehow find an excuse to disconnect me from the game. That excuse would be this error, are there any fixes to this?Capture|690x365

This is still a massive error please do something about it

Maybe enable 2 Step Verification: When your account gets hacked, chances of receiving “Error Code: 273” are common.

Also, make sure you don’t have any malware on your computer

No I’m referring to this happening in games for no reason.

The game the guy is talking about is my own and any method of teleportservice I use this happens with

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it’s been a bug thats been reported numerous times on different topics, see: Randomly disconnecting from games because "Same account launched from different device" - #35 by xarmebx

and I think the issue arises when users are teleported from one place to another or when games are opened and closed quickly. roblox hasn’t fully processed that the game you closed has been closed and it sees it as another experience being open while you are trying to open another experience

it’s frustrating to see a bug that’s been around since 2019 still be an issue today :l

Hello! Can you please specify under what conditions you receive the disconnect, and what the error code is? Thank you!

like the 5th time disconnecting, game called Grand Piece Online. I cant play with my friends


For me, I think its personally when the server dies. Usually i get this when a server dies or sometimes you just don’t get removed from the server fast enough.