Users Being Disconnected From Game - "Error Code: 273"



A player will join a game and almost immediately receive a ‘disconnected’ warning with the description being something along the lines of “Disconnected from game, possibly due to game joined from another device.”

User hunterthegreat27 shared this screenshot with me (as I have been unable to get my own at the time of this message)

I have confirmed with most of the reports I am seeing that they know for a fact that they are not logged in anywhere else. I experienced the issue myself and I also confirmed I wasn’t logged in anywhere else. Some of the users reporting this have also experienced it in Phantom Forces as well.This seems to be a relatively random error that is causing a lot of confusion and panic in the general community.

*as far as I know, the above issue has occured on PC/Laptop for all reports.

Players receiving 273 Disconnection Error

How often does this happen?


I personally experienced it about 4 times in a row immediately after joining a Island Royale servers. Other people seem to be experiencing this every other time, if even. It seems very random.


Oh ok like every 2 tries?


i’m not going to give a yes or no answer to that. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Like I said, it seems to be very random.


I mean how often like every 5 tries?


There is not a definite answer to that question. I havent been able to find a way to reliably reproduce this and there is no consistency with it in any sense of the word.


Oh ok hmmmmm… it might be just there device.


I do not believe that to be the case. I’ve received around 15 or so unique complaints as well as experiencing it with most of the Island Royale staff team during our staff game night earlier today.

I’ve never seen this issue before in the past either.


Ok. Hopefully you will receive a response from the roblox engineers about this. Because I never encountered that problem before.


This has happened to me a few times, I thought I did something wrong or something while joining a game! :joy:


That’s what everyone I’m talking to about it thought too! As well as the fear of being hacked, someone having their password, etc.


I’m still seeing some reports of this happening to people!


This bug is still occurring. Received 3 more people reporting it today.


And another day of more reports. People are getting confused and worried that they are hacked. This has been confirmed to not be the case, thus reinforcing the idea that its a bug.

And another


Both confirmed to not be logged into any other devices.


And another:


And another

Confirmed using 2fa and not signed in anywhere else


And yet another for today


I experienced this in my own game recently.

What appeared to be causing it was teleporting between places, my player apparently was not getting removed from the previous place before joining the next place, resulting in my player appearing in two games and immediately getting disconnected. It didn’t happen every time but seemed to happen consistently on my first time teleporting to a place that day and every second time after that? But sort of random like you said.

Does your game teleport players from one place to another?

It wasn’t game breaking in my case because I was just teleporting to my test server, ordinary players don’t have to teleport in my game.


Most of the reports are coming from games that use teleporting, although I have been seeing occasional reports from other games that do not. Most recent report I just received is from Strucid:

Would you agree that this seems like a Roblox bug and not something on the developers end?