Users Being Disconnected From Game - "Error Code: 273"



Ok, that might debunk my theory… nonetheless I did experience it myself while teleporting a lot.

However, it is possible it could occur without teleporting; if a player presses play on one game while currently playing another.

Edit: And yes I do believe this is a Roblox bug, if it were from teleporting between places it would mean Roblox is not properly exiting the player from one place before sending them to the next.


Every report I’ve gotten has been with a player already in game with the Roblox window in the forefront. Regardless, even if you do click another game on the website while in your current one, it’ll kick you out of your current one before joining the new one but it won’t do it with a disconnected message. It will close the window entirely and open a new one.


Good point, though technically you are removed from one place when you teleport to the next as well though the window doesn’t close. Might be worth testing anyway.


Still feels like something that shouldn’t be happening. :man_shrugging:


Ya I agree I think it’s a bug.


2 more (1 repeat sort of)

Adding on to what Mimi and I were talking about above, it does seem to be mainly happening when a user teleports into the game from the lobby. This is occurring in Island Royale. Unsure of when exactly the bug is occurring in the other reports in different games.


I’ve also experienced it a few times in the past few days, tried logging out of all devices - even changed my password - still occurred once after that. Seems to fire randomly as if there’s a percentage chance you’ll get it.


Previous statement may be incorrect. Just had a user report it to me when they were just in the lobby. No teleporting.


Another one in the lobby (no teleporting)

And one in @ObscureEntity’s Bubble Gum Simulator


And another


3 more all taking place within the lobby (no teleporting)


I’ve also got this glitch. Seems random to me and doesn’t matter what I’m trying to join.


Don’t have picture for these next ones but I just received 8 more reports.


5 more reports


Still occuring. Still getting daily reports from people. Emailed DevRel and didn’t hear anything back. It’s been a few days.


Bug is still occuring. Been over 2 weeks since I started reporting on it. @nurgenius has the most recent report. I haven’t been updating this but since my last post I have probably received another 20 or so reports.


Still receiving multiple reports per day about this bug. Emailed devrel asking them to pass this on the the appropriate people about a week ago. No response.


@JustSeanC Can I get a link to your place? Is it consistently happening at your place? Or is it just Island Royale.


Oui! Finally a response! The most reports I’m receiving from this are occurring in Island Royale. These reporting numbers are slightly bias because after noticing it a few times I put out a message to the server (which I manage) to send any of the reports to me if it happens to them. As stated in previous replies it has occurred in some other games (Bubble Gum Simulator, Strucid, & others) but I don’t receive many reports from there because the only place I asked people to send them to me was in the Island Royale discord.

I cannot speak on the consistency as it still seems quite random. I haven’t been updating this thread much but I have been receiving a few reports daily.

Edit: sorry for the slight delay, had to find the link. Here’s Island Royale where most of my reports are originating:

In addition, the other two games I have received some reports from are Strucid and Bubble Gum Simulator

There were also at least two other games I received reports from that I cannot for the life of me find the DMs with the people reporting and unfortunately forgot the names.


Hey there, wanted to follow up that i am still tracking this issue. Please keep me posted on the status on your end