Users from name API seems to be disabled on VPS


Since 16th August the get by username users api seems to always (100% times) return 529 Rate Limited if performing request from common virtual server provider.

My previous post about it has been recently marked as solved by @Hippie_ofDoom

This behaviour wasn’t disabled / fixed though.

As far as I’m aware (it was mentioned by WebGL3d) it’s an intentional behaviour since the endpoint isn’t working fully.

This raised three concerns:

  1. Are there any plans of reenabling that endpoint?
  2. Is there any reason why the report has been marked as “fixed” although it wasn’t?
  3. Is the 429 error suitable in that case? The requests aren’t really rate limited, they’re just “denied” and that’s already there for few months. Could probably use 403 Forbidden to cause less confusion.
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Can confirm this is happening for me too. Unable to reproduce off of DigitalOcean’s network, however, all of my DO servers are giving this kind of error on ALL Roblox API endpoints.

This is really annoying, and it seems as if Roblox doesn’t care. They won’t implement anything for us to create bots see:

And they ignore us every time we have a problem, or we have to wait days for them to even say oh hey, we see this.

Roblox really isn’t helping us out here. Lack of transparency on APIs, and flat out ignoring issues such as FunCaptcha being nearly impossible for people who have 20/20 vision, and being way over the age of 13. Just search for FunCaptcha on the DevForum and you’ll see a mass of people complaining about it. Search results for 'impossible captcha' - DevForum | Roblox How Roblox is okay with having a captcha provider that I can only imagine how difficult is for people under the age of 9-15, which is who this platform is meant for – according to Google :rofl:

Honestly, Roblox is becoming a less friendly platform for service makers, and developers every day. Pardon my annoyance, it’s really just from the two years I’ve spent on working on automation for Roblox. I’m the creator of myCenter, and the former owner of it. I created the entire back-end that handled our bot infrastructure, and Roblox did not make it easy… at all.