Using Math to generate 3D Triangles?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want a way to generate 3D triangles using math

  2. What is the issue?
    I’m not quite sure how to do this

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I’ve looked on youtube discord and Dev hub.

My other threads about generating shapes:

Also: Perlin Noise:

Adding Custom Structures Into Perlin Noise? / Voxel Generation


I’m making a game using procedural generation like No man’s sky and Minecraft. So if anyone can help that would be nice.

Also if anyone could direct me to some threads about math that would also be good ;).

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Could you clarify what you mean by hollow triangle? Is it just the edges of a triangle in 3D space, a triangular prism, or something else?

Yes a 3D triangle is what I want to generate.

Okeanskiy made one of the best tutorials I have ever watched:

He used egoMoose’s 3d triangle thingy.(I forgot what it is called)


Delta can clarify, but I think he needs just the outline of the triangles, not full wedges.

@xDeltaXen Which type of joins do you want? Note that round is the easiest.

I just want to start of with making a 5 sided triangle made out of parts first

Ah, ok. So a triangular prism made up of 5 faces?

Kinda, Made up of more parts like

local Part ="Part")
Part.Positon etc
Math = etc
Part.Position = etc
Part.Parent = workspace

Not just made up of 5 parts like the cuboid sphere and cylinder I linked.

Yes, I understand how to generate shapes with code. I’m trying to clarify that you want to be able to generate a triangular prism that looks like the image I posted.

Yes, very much so I want to be able to generate many many shapes. But a triangle with more parts than five.

I truly have no idea what you’re asking for. Can you provide an image?

Like this only a 3D triangle. As you can see its not made of 6 Parts its made of loads of tiny parts. Do you understand it better now?

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Also do you know how to generate other shapes as well?

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