Using the Microprofiler

My friend is playing my game and has low performance. I want to check what is causing it by using the micro profiler. Is there any way they can send me the data or is there a way I can limit the resources of my own machine to test for lower benchmark computers.

If you could help me with any of the jargon in the microprofiler that would be appreciated to. I know its a pain because you cannot zoom in to see things. Its the same for me but this is a screenshot I was sent. Do you know what the perform area ‘wait until completed’ could be waiting for/ what should I be looking for/how could I use this information to further check what is causing performance hits.

Thanks for any info.

EDIT2: I tried dumping the data but I’m not sure if it saved anywhere or not.
EDIT3: I found where the get the dump info from at How to post a Bug Report and my friend sent me his dump data here microprofile-20200501-081521.html (1.4 MB) If anyone can help with diagnosis that would be amazing. I’m having a look at it now.

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I’m pretty sure that the microprofiler is supposed to explain script and action timings for the client.
These Videos Might Help:

Since there’s a lack of information about the MicroProfiler (Lack of information on the MicroProfiler), it’s hard to tell what “WaitUntilCompleted” is. My best guess is that it’s a script problem (Wait(), Instance:WaitforChild(), etc.).

I think it’s to do with id_opaque taking a long time

It appears to be that your game is being bottlenecked by the graphics rendering. Does not seem to be a scripting problem.

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403 Forbidden on the image you posted.

Since there’s no information on the MicroProfiler and it’s just purely based off of best effort or deep familiarity and understanding of the engine right now, it’d be worth looking at the bars spanning the largest amount of columns and identifying what they are, then tackling parts of your game that seem like they’d be the reason it’s increasing.

There’s some tooling in the MicroProfiler such as recording across a specific number of frames, how many seconds should be recorded (so those frames per those seconds) as well as changing the time scale across each bar. Slightly confusing but so far, I’ve just been using it as a way to identify bars for tackling performance issues in my game.

Not as useful as it could be and unfortunately the old Wiki page which had the labels written down wasn’t migrated with the Developer Hub: hardly any user articles were.

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