Using UGC items in a game

Hey, i built a cafe for showcase, and i’m almost done. But midway, i use some UGC items for the customers, however, here comes the question

Am i allowed to use UGC hats for a game?
Do i need to have perms for it?

I appreciate help and answers for it, thank you

The short answer is yes, you do need permission from the creator of the item, in order to use it in your game. Thankfully, most UGC creators will happily give you the right away to use their asset, as it gives their item promotion as well.

I previously thought differently( falsely of course ), that all content public on the roblox site was open sourced for use, but it was explained to me by top contributors that this is not the case.

There have already been multiple threads in the past regarding this, such as this one.


This has been talked about before please search before posting this get’s brought up very often. The short answer is you need permission from it’s proper creator before using it within your game. (IP holder)

If your wanting to use ugc items created by other creators. You’ll need to ask for permission before using any UGC product in your game don’t use any UGC in your game without getting approval from it’s proper owners you can reach different creators via twitter or forum itself

There are a few threads going into detail about this:


Sorry, but does this apply to roblox made items as well? Like not for monetization but to just to put on a npc

No, this is perfectly acceptable.


What if like the UGC creator has their DMs shut off, go make a public forum about it as an alternative option?

Have you tried contacting different creators through easily processes like twitter or the forums? If one of the ugc creators has there DM turned off you could possibly try to reach out to other known creators, there may be reasons why creators have there DM turned off.

You don’t need to make a public forum as it’s not really needed in this case you just need to know which items you’re wanting to use within your game, send a message to the UGC creators asking if they are okay with you using their items inside your game: majority of them would provide an answer if there ok with you using their items inside your game.


What about UGC creators that are ok and have made a public statement about it on the wiki and they say they don’t need credits for it? I’m allowed to go for it?

Sure. If it’s publicly stated and everybody can see it, go ahead! I’d still get extra assurance from them though!

Extra assurance as in like what form?

Credit isn’t something you should be focusing on “getting permission” is the only way for users to use sorting UGC creators items within their game. If the creator made a public statement, saying users are allowed to use my items inside games then you could go for it.

If it’s from the original creator and they’re ok with users using their product inside games then you could go for it, crediting the creators isn’t really an option and something not needed you really need permission, before using them in your game. I’m certain you’ve got your answer already, if the creator gives you, permission that you’re allowed to use that specific item in your game then it’s ok.

I feel like there’s no need to continue this topic since it has already been brought up a few times in different category’s. I’m assuming your just trying to be extra safe when using (ugc items).