Using VR force quits the current session if another one is opened

After posting my previous thread about issues in VR I encountered the following bug. I figured it was bad enough to warrant posting another thread.

While using my HTC Vive and SteamVR with studio, I tried opening another studio session while already having one open. This results in the current session force closing, and does not save any progress or give me any popup for saving like Studio normally does. The same thing happens if I’m in a studio session and play a game on the site, or test (starting a server/player) in the same studio session. So, the gist of it is:

Doing anything in VR that creates a new window will discard any changes in Studio and make it force quit.


As far as I’m aware, this is something SteamVR does and there doesn’t seem to be any way around it. :frowning:

That is understandable behavior then, but is there any way studio could only hook into SteamVR when playing/testing? Since the VR view isn’t rendered while in edit mode anyway.

I was experimenting with VR support, when I decided I should grab some code from an earlier experiment I had done, however, when I grabbed the code, I noticed that my original Roblox Studio had quit, not asking me if I wanted to save changes.

I believe this is down to SteamVR, and that it exits VR apps when it exits, and that SteamVR only allows one VR app to run at once.

To reproduce, have SteamVR and Studio open. Open another studio window open, all other studio windows close forcefully.

I’ve been experiencing this same issue lately, even if VR mode is disabled in the settings (SteamVR still launches regardless).

(Splash screen wasn’t visible as this was recorded on my second monitor)

Uninstalling SteamVR seems to fix the issue.