[v2.0 beta] Script Manager

Script Manager

Script Manager allows you find the script you are looking for, faster - improving your workflow.

It can be installed here for 0 Robux.

Should I use Script Manager and why?

When you are working on a game, you will likely have a lot of scripts. These scripts can be somewhat hard to find with the default script navigator Roblox provides. Which is why I decided to make this plugin. Script Manager is not for everybody though, if you do not fill up your top bar, then it’s probably not necessary for you.

Settings for the plugin
  • Sorting preference
    In which order the scripts will be sorted, you can pick either Class or Name sorting.
  • Icon pack
    What icon the scripts will have, you can pick either Vanilla or Studio icons.
  • Autohide
    Automatically removes the plugin widget when no scripts are open

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated but, if you find any bugs please DM me here instead of posting it under this thread.


So, does this plugin just improve the default opened script navigator? At times I have up to 10 scripts open at the same time so this plugin could probably really help me, I’ll give it a try.

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Yes, the plugin was made to be a better alternative to the default script navigator.

Can we instead move around scripts as we please? Maybe a ‘reorder’ mode?

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well, good job making this plugin

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will likely implement the ability to move your scripts around.

Like I already mentioned, the plugin is not for everybody.

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Nice, now you can’t use the explorer!

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That just shows the explorer scripts and not the scripts that you have open?


Could we have some kind of subtext below the scripts to tell us what the script is parented to? It would be helpful if we have multiple scripts with the same name open.


It would probably be more useful for scripts named “Script”, which is a very original name for a script

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it shows every single script in your game, tho the plugin is much cleaner and easier to use

typing “script” in your explorer search bar can also lag your game because of the quantity of scripts

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If your whole studio lags just by searching for scripts, then it means that your game is either very big, or filled with unnecessary clutter. You should minimize the amount of scripts used, unless there is a reason not to.


yes that’s what’s i just said :slightly_smiling_face:

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A lot of people prefer having a lot of scripts rather than having a few large scripts since it’s easier to understand the purpose of that specific script.

(and studio is really laggy. just selecting a lot of parts freezes the entire engine…)


One of the worst mistakes I did a few years ago as an inexperienced programmer is to make individual script for every Button in a GUI, for every ClickDetector in the workspace, etc… Right now if I have a ton of something similar that needs to be controlled, I write one script to control a specific group of items.


The plugin is not made to show every script in your game. It’s only showing the scripts you currently have open.
This bar has limited space and you end up sideways scrolling which is just an absolute mess. Of course you can just search for the script you are looking for, I just thought this was a quicker alternative.