[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

How do I make it so that only certain menus can be selected, like, without playing the selection color but still retaining functionality like what tsb does. Edit: I just made a custom theme, feel free to message me with any other solutions, even if you don’t think it’s better

do there is a way to put sound when you click on something?
or i need to script it myself?

Hi all, just an update to let you know that v3 is looking to be released around next week to support the new changes and a codebase overhaul:

I’m reading all your replies and DMs even if I can’t get back to most, thanks for your feedback

Here’s some pineapple for your incredible patience :pineapple:


Is there a way to make it so the icons are one click instead of select and deselect?

really clean UI and easy to understand! one of the best modules/add-ons ever :on::top:

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For those interested in playing around with an almost complete v3:

I need a few more days to finish the new overflow handler and some other minor features. If you have any feedback feel free to directly reply to this!

I’ll post a breakdown of what’s new, changes, removals, etc to help you transition over to v3 once it’s fully tested and officially released.

Use icon:oneClick() in v3


V3 looks great! I can see one problem though. If you are using Roblox’s old Topbar (which most people are), the buttons will be bugged.


V3 is specifically designed for the new UI. I hope a hybrid is made so it can automatically detect which CoreGui is present.

That won’t be necessary. The feature will be carried out to all players in the future, after all. And, while it isn’t live, people can just use version 2.

Yes, you’re right. But right now it’s awkwardly handled and developers should be able to quickly update without a weird Topbar even temporarily when Roblox decides to fully roll it out.
Roblox also has a problem of rolling out features in percents too, so it may not be out for everyone at the same time.

It’s a major release version, meaning backwards compatibility is not guaranteed. I agree with your second statement, though (but it is probably an issue of players not updating their Roblox installation, even though it should be automatic).

I’ll be creating a ‘Classic’ theme just for this! It’ll determine and apply the theme based upon the topbar insert local hasOldUI = GuiService.TopbarInset.Height == 36.

Roblox should be announcing a topbar beta today/shortly so developers can then opt into that to begin testing in-game too!

Other things I’m still working on:

  • Complete dropdown theming support
  • Fix smart aligning of captions and dropdowns
  • Completing the scrolling behaviours within Menus and Dropdowns
  • Complete overflows
  • Console and Localization compatability

I’ve designed v3 so that the majority of it is backwards compatible with v2. The only significant non-compatible change is the new theme system, and a few methods which have been removed.


Hey there, can we talk in DM’s about TopbarPlus? I am having issues installing it.

Is it possible to just require the module within a script? like require(whateverthemoduleidis)?

I recommend learning how to use a module and a script first.

Hey forever, roblox updated their UI again…


I know how to use a module and a script lol, my question was if it was possible to require the module without having the actual model inside the main model, so that it would minimize the scripts within this product

This is a good question: I plan to support auto versioning for v3 by converting the Icon into a package. Package updating currently hasn’t been rolled out but it’s designed this way in hopes it eventually does:

require(MainModuleId) is being removed entirely hence why best to avoid:


oh woah, you can’t require() anymore? what if im trying to require a like Settings script such as script.Settings?

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