[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

Just in case this wasn’t seen, could this still be considered?

Added, thanks for the suggestion :+1:

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I’ve been exploring how to reproduce but with no luck so far. Will follow up with a DM :+1:

You can!

Simply do:

		{"IconImage", "ImageRectSize", Vector2.new(A, B)},
		{"IconImage", "ImageRectOffset", Vector2.new(C, D)},

I’ve also made this exact example in the v3 playground you’re welcome to check out:

and thanks for the reminder as I missed this initially :+1:

Oh, that’s awesome! Thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Say hello to v3.0.0! :wave:

:framed_picture: A design overhaul to match the new topbar…

Icons, captions, dropdowns, menus… everything! v3 aims to mirror the topbar so you can seamlessly build upon it.

:older_man: …but with inbuilt support for the old topbar

Not all clients see the new topbar… yet. v3 solves this by listening for differences and adapting to a classic design accordingly.

:memo: A complete codebase rewrite and re-organization

Readability and performance have been the driving reasons behind this. By outsourcing logic to UIComponents and reorganizing instances into more appropriate containers the Icon and IconController have collectively shrunk from >3000 lines of code to ~1000.

:art: An easier system to modify icon appearance and behavior

You’re no longer limited to predefined settings… you can modify… anything! :partying_face: The way you modify icons has also changed to be more straightforward. More info on that here.

:package: TopbarPlus is now a package

No more faff when updating… just right-click the package, update and bam, all set! :muscle: More details here.

:card_file_box: TopbarPlus now supports Wally

You can find that here!

:video_game: Improved support for gamepads and mobile devices

Pretty much the title, lots of small improvements to make navigating icons on different devices that much easier.

features example REDUCED

:balance_scale: Overflow upgrade

Overflows now become horizontal menus instead of vertical dropdowns. More about that here.

:open_book: Brand new documentation

Happy reading! You can find the v3 documentation here.

:memo: MIT → Mozilla Public License v2.0

You can use TopbarPlus free of charge. All you need to do is provide credit back to this resource (such as link to its devforum post) and to open source any significant changes you make to the package.

:heart: Backwards compatibility with the majority of methods from v2

The majority of v2 methods and features have been built into v3 to make for an easy transition.

Changes since v2.9.1

You can find a full breakdown of changes here:

Get Started

You can transition over to v3 in a few easy steps found here:

v3 has a new playground where you can experiment with these changes and find pre-made examples:


@hayper1919 for multiple improvements to the repository, help introducing wally, code cleanup, and ongoing help with luau typechecks and luau autocompletes
@gitzerai for help with the transition to the new topbar
@iamEvanRBLX for the initial hybrid support for the new topbar
@LordMerc for help with the documentation and general feedback
@ValiantWind for help with testing and feedback
@2jammers for help retrieving values in features such as captions
@medallyon for help setting up Wally
@PeZsmistic for help with clamping objects within screen bounds
@pobammer for the package Janitor
@stravant for the package GoodSignal

Thank you to the many contributors of v3.0.0 and everyone who has provided feedback and reports over the last three months :pray:


v3 alone has taken many months of work. If you’d like to support the development of TopbarPlus and similar applications it’d be great if you could check out the following:

I’ll continue to monitor this thread so feel free to share any feedback or issues you have.

Enjoy! :pineapple:


Looks like the Wally package isn’t installing correctly. Might be an issue with the default.project.json?



Is there any way to check the dropdownIcons in v3 after the property’s removal?

We Got V3! I’ve been waiting for this since 16.10.2022! I used This Module Since 2.7.2 Version! Keep Up With The Good Work!

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The topbarplus v3 came out before the one piece… That’s absolutely wild

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Is there a playground for testing?

I’m looking into this, should hopefully have this resolved tomorrow.

icon.dropdownIcons still exists so you’re fine to use it. this is something I’ll likely add back into the documentation shortly (I just removed temporarily to get everything up to speed)


I have the same thing (In TopbarPlus v3 place).

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TopbarPlus v3 before GTA VI :pray: :sob:

Good job!!


Also using v3. I also just noticed that the rounded corners aren’t as rounded as they are in CoreGui.

I’m still trying to decide if I should fix it myself or just deal with it until it’s fixed officially. It’s a minor issue that most players won’t notice.

Amazing! But by the way is there a way to enable/disable new chrome topbar?

Something like this could be fixed by adding a Y offset to themes I’d imagine

How do you make each menu/dropdown item do something different?

Okay, so I love v3.0.0, it’s great and everything but there is one underlying issue I seem to have found, which is when I use the :LoadCharacter() function it or if the character resets creates duplicates of each topbar element.

I have my local script in the starterGui that creates the topbar elements, and there is no errors


Follow up:

I have solved the issue, and for those wondering the topbar script should not be in the startergui but in replicated storage and have a run context of client

you can do making a screengui and turn off resetonspawn then put your topbar script into screengui
or put your top bar script into startercharacterscripts.