[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

You can use a Fast Flag to do exactly that. This piece of JSON goes in ClientAppSettings:

"FFlagEnableInGameMenuChrome": "False"

This will go away when Roblox updates, unless you install Bloxstrap, which will make it persistent and also features an easy FFlag editor.

Fixed | Applying gradient to icon background

The problem

I am currently experiencing problems with gradients.

I want to get back the gradient to the icon as whole but it just won’t let me.
old icon:
new icon:
icon code:

	local Menu_icon = Icon.new()
			{ "IconCorners", "CornerRadius", UDim.new(0.25, 0) },
			{ "IconImageCorner", "CornerRadius", UDim.new(0.25, 0) },
			{ "IconImageScale", "Value", .8 },
			{ "PaddingLeft", "Size", UDim2.new(0, 2, 1, 0) },
			{ "IconGradient", "Enabled", true },
			{ "IconGradient", "Color", script:FindFirstChild("MenuGradient").Color }
		:setCaption("Return to menu.")

Any ideas as to what am I doing wrong?



I have just realized where the problem is. To anyone else looking for the answer, do not forget to change the background color to white! Same as recoloring images to any color works only when the image is white, same goes with gradients. (Black can’t be even darker.)

	local Menu_icon = Icon.new()
			{ "IconButton", "BackgroundColor3", Color3.new(1, 1, 1) },
			{ "IconGradient", "Enabled", true },
			{ "IconGradient", "Color", script:FindFirstChild("MenuGradient").Color }
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how do i make the emote system like the strongest battleground?

It doesnt print for the owner of the game

it does, you have to be in game though

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Oh. Guess they’ve changed it, it didn’t print for the game owner in v2.

ok so i put topbarplus V3 (the folder) into replicatedstorage, the script with the icon code into starterplayerscipts and it doesn’t work

Show your code and setup, most likely you are doing something wrong.

Icon used in ReplicatedFirst

I have script that both handles the icons but also works with loading screen.
The problem is (I think) that the Icon module may not be completely loaded when I require it.

Although I wait for the Icon module itself, it seems that the Packages and other stuff haven’t replicated yet. Could we get :WaitForChild() in the Icon module itself (it is a package) so I don’t have to wait for every package myself (and so others don’t run into the same problem too)?

Does this have a method for setting the boolean ‘Modal?’

im trying make topbar
Timezone and Server Server Location/Region

someone can help me?

Cool and good on you :relieved: try searching through the scripts for either “:pineapple:” or “V3” if you’d like to find it, iirc it’s a module script called Attribution? If that helps
Or just check the console in game since it should be printing, if not maybe try readding V3 since you won’t get automatic updates in the future and all that cause it’s not how it’s meant to be

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Honestly, I don’t mind the pineapple print out, and I just kept it because I would like the auto updates

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Ah so you’ve found it I think, cool alr

I also noticed it in the console when I joined my game lol


i have the icons script in starterplayerscripts and i have the Topbarplus V3 folder in replicated storage

Any errors appearing in the output?

i removed :setProperty as it caused an error
but it doesn’t solve anything

So the problem is that none of the icons are appearing at all, right? Or are the icons appearing but the buttons itself aren’t working?

the icons aren’t showing at all