[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

Can you copy and paste the code here or send it to me in DMs? I wanna to do some testing on my own :slightly_smiling_face:

(sorry for late reply)

I’m not sure how to set up them so that the icon reverses its color, kind of like how you could in v2.0

what I mean:

How do you guys remove the HD Icon in the V3?
It seems to show up if you have HD admin in your game

how do i make a topbar icon in the middle?

You can use icon:align(alignment) to set TopbarPlus icons to be in the middle.

-- Aligns the icon in the middle of the screen
-- This was formerly called :setMid()

TopbarPlus v3 is breaking HD Admin for me :frowning:


Got a menu button in the mid that opens a “Menu GUI” in this menu gui are some buttons to choose a team, sometimes when u click on it i get a loop of erros:

ReplicatedStorage.TopbarPlus.Icon.Features.Overflow:266: attempt to index nil with ‘AbsoluteCanvasSize’ - Client - Overflow:266
Stack Begin - Studio
Script ‘ReplicatedStorage.TopbarPlus.Icon.Features.Overflow’, Line 266 - function updateBoundary - Studio - Overflow:266
Script ‘ReplicatedStorage.TopbarPlus.Icon.Features.Overflow’, Line 48 - Studio - Overflow:48
Script ‘ReplicatedStorage.TopbarPlus.Icon.Utility’, Line 41 - Studio - Stack End - Studio

Idk if its Important, the localscript where the buttons are created is placed in a ScreenGui under StarterGui, also on the first lines of the code is this function:

local icons = Icon.getIcons()
for _, icon in pairs(icons) do

If someone has a idea what causes that error, would be great

Is there any way I can check in a script what my button text says?

That’s feature of HD, not this TopBar module. Try asking in their community if you can’t find it yourself (I guess the code is saved as Roblox Asset anyway).
If you won’t find how to remove it this way, you can try to fond that one exact icon in Roblox Studio and if it has different name than just “Widget”, you can then create LocalScript, wait for the icon to appear and then destroy it.

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Is there any way to turn off the “B” to escape option when using with a controller? With VirtualCursorMode disabled, pressing B on a icon bricks your controller support!

you can use :modifyTheme to set the colors different when you click

These have all been resolved in v3.0.1, thank you for the reports! :raised_hands:


Thanks Ben :slight_smile:

When will HD Admin be updated with TopbarPlus v3, if it hasn’t already? I would look right now but unfortunately can’t open Studio right now haha


These have all been resolved in v3.0.2, thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:


I’ve just updated HD Admin too so you’re all good to go! :raised_hands:

Is there a reason you need to use TopbarPlus within ReplicatedFirst? I don’t see a purpose for this.


@ForeverHD How to i use a selected function in a menu??? It just breaks all the other icons

Hey, randomly started getting this weird error in HD admin that uses topbar plus, Makes the HD Icon unclickable. can you look into this if possible?


It’s setImageScale not setImageSize

The screenshot of the lua code is from HD Admin module, ::setImageSize is how I initially found this script, however converting to this does the same thing

Well that’s weird, @ForeverHD have a look at this?