[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

I also have the error,

use :setImageScale. Its for V3

Do you still have a v2 Icon module within your experience? What’s likely happening is a TobarPlus v2 module is initializing before HD Admin’s v3 module can initialize, meaning when HD Admin calls :setImageScale it fails because that no longer exists within v3.

If you share links to your experiences (you can DM me) I can check their version numbers and the client logs.

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Seems as if there is so way to change the TextColor3 of labels which is frustrating.

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How would you add a button to the expandable TopbarPlus menu?

I have an inventory Icon that I have on TopbarPlus that is a custom, slightly modified version of the current Roblox tool Inventory System, but I want that in the same place as where it previously was in that expandable menu.

@ForeverHD topbar sometimes doesn’t appear

Well I like to keep things in one place and also it would be nice for the icons to load up before the loading screen gets away

The menu you see on the left is a CoreGUI (that means GUI that is made by Roblox, not other developers). I am not really sure but I think it is not accessible with scripts outside Studio so I don’t think this would be possible.

Hey @ForeverHD

This issue is still not fixed on me.

Right, so could I modify the default Roblox inventory button in that case?

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I don’t really think you can. I don’t know how you managed to turn it off (I guess disabling the Backpack) but Roblox does not have many ways for us to customize it’s GUI. And when it does, it is catastrophe (they could have at least leave the tags from the old chat be, they worked good).

Did simple search; I think your case is similar to this one or this one - it is not possible.

Right, now assuming you can do this (brand new question), am I able to add a new TopbarButton to an existing Drop down area, assuming that it’s creating the new button from a different script?

I don’t get why this output is happening when I literally define “AdonisMenu” (check image 2)

If you give that container (actually still Icon) a name, you can get it in other script by that name. However, if you are still talking about the Roblox Menu, that one is not made by TopbarPlus so you cannot fetch it using the Icon module nor by yourself, as far as I know.

Documentation: setting the icon name, getting the icon.
You cannot fetch icons that were not assigned a name because all icons have default name “Widget”. Maybe you could get your custom icon place and then search in the parent for icon that has specific image or text?

It is possible the other script runs sooner than the one creating the icon.

You can use simple while loop to wait for it:

while not Icon.getIcon("AdonisMenu") do wait(1) end

Alright, will try that. Though I did do icon = nil repeat icon = Icon.getIcon("AdonisMenu") wait() until icon ~= nil or something like that earlier…

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That should also work but I don’t see it in your code.
Also take into conslusion the fact that waiting for the icon is gonna pause the whole script so the code bellow will be executed after the icon is found. If the icon is not going to be created then it can get into infinite loop.

Works a treat! Thank you very much! Sorry for the late reply.

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