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I have a issue with the topbar every time my charachter dies, the buttons duplicate


Put the Script in StarterPlayerScripts, not StarterCharacterScripts nor StarterGUI.

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@ForeverHD @Semir2006 topbar duplicate when putting script in StarterPlayerScripts but doesn’t with ReplicatedStorage, also sometimes topbar doesn’t work and i get error “Attempted to call require with invalid argument(s). - Client - Topbar Icons:7” local Icon = require(iconModule)

For the second error your code is required. I nor others can tell what the error is exactly just by this description. However when I think about it; it is really possible the iconModule is sometimes empty. That is - you have this code running on the client so the Icon module may not have been replicated at the time the script is run - do you use :FindFirstChild("Icon") or just ".Icon"? If so, change it to :WaitForChild("Icon")

About the first error I don’t know what to imagine under “topbar duplicate”. Do you have all icons twice? What exactly replicate?
When you put normal LocalScript inside ReplicatedStorage it does not run so you probably have two similar/same LocalScripts running somewhere else. I cannot think about other way it could replicate …

Also, I am not an official helper here :smile: (on the other hand I hope ForeverHD doesn’t mind me trying to help)

is there a way to make a dropdown icon not selectable?

Read the docs - if it exists, you’ll most likely find it there.

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What would be the ideal way to do this in a game? Or did I misunderstood?

I can’t add a theme into the Themes module without disabling AutoUpdate.

Is there a way around this? Or do i need to place my themes module in another folder/module?


In the old version i added a custom method to rotate a image. i would love to see this feature come to the normal module, since it auto updates now its hard to add these custom methods.

edit: i would also love a way to disable the captionhint when setting a keycode

i probablu wouldn’t keep auto update on in case there’s breaking changes cause that’ll break your game

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Actually the auto update works only in Studio. It will never update the asset on already published (nor already running) game/server. So the chances are pretty low that you are in Studio and it will get a breaking fix.

However if it happens that means you are activelly developing your game and I don’t think such fix would stay like that for a longer time without another fix fixing this fix soooo … yeah. AutoUpdate is safe in my opinion.

@ForeverHD Will the font for the default theme of TopbarPlus be changing in line with Roblox’s core UI font changes? This would be lovely. :slightly_smiling_face:


More information can be found here:

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I think you can change it yourself in the module or use :modifyTheme to set your font.

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First of all, Happy Eid to those who celebrate it. :star:

Don’t know if it’s just an issue on my end, but whenever I hover over anything, it just disappears in a matter of seconds.

For context, I just tried the V3 Playground in studio, and didn’t make any adjustments yet, as I just wanted to play around with it before I start developing.

(And apologies for the low fps, a 2015 macbook won’t go that far)


How can i make my text to left? I dont want it center

Screenshot 2024-04-11 211446

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try: icon:align("Left")


Still the dropdown icon is on the middle

Can you maybe show the part of the code that makes the dropdown?

do it like this i think it needs to work