[v3!] TopbarPlus v3.0.0 | Construct intuitive topbar icons; customise them with themes, dropdowns, captions, labels and much more

Still the same

Hmm, idk then sorry [3 0 charssssss]

I fixed it

Using this

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Hello! Im triying to make a vehicle spawner topbar, everthing works fine except the text isnt changing for when i want to make it say “Remove”, i tried printing when the event happens and it does print it but the topbar doesnt update,is there a way to fix this?

hello so i have this current problem with topbarplus v3, even in the playground, where if i play (in roblox studio), every icon disappears. this also happens in my game. does someone know how to fix it?


When I set the alignment to the middle when an overflow happens it goes to the left instead of keeping in the middle


This is absolutely fantastic, but I’m noticing a continuous problem where when the Escape Menu is open then closed, TopbarPlus completely disappears, any way to fix this?

Found a fix:

In the EXAMPLES LocalScript located in Explorer Window in StarterPlayer>StarterPlayerScripts>EXAMPLES, at the bottom of the script are these naughty lines of code, Ben, added that Delete all Icons after 5 seconds.

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Is this included for multiple keybinds so that it displays for example Ctrl + V if theres multiple parameters given

Well the code behind setCaptionHint is;

function Icon:setCaptionHint(keyCodeEnum)
	assert(typeof(keyCodeEnum) == "EnumItem", "argument[1] must be a KeyCode EnumItem!")
	self.fakeToggleKey = keyCodeEnum
	return self

so it only gets one argument that have a EnumItem.

But it’s a very good idea! it would be perfect if Ben adds that.

Hey! I noticed when you set hotkeys, the caption text includes the hotkey in a nice little icon, but it stringifies symbol keys like “minus”. Can you use this API to fix this? This will likely not localize well, and looks a little odd.



Yeah maybe instead of expecting 1 argument they could expect a table so that i wouldn’t have to unpack everything and it would be useful so that people could add as many keys as they want

V3!! Does anyone know how to change one of the icons to the other side of the screen, I don’t do much scripting but I’d like to learn and wondering how to change stuff like this.

Thank you!

Sir why do i have 2 icons


Can we see your icon creation code, so we’ll know how to fix it :slight_smile:

Noticed this too. I wonder why Ben implemented this. CC: @ForeverHD


Did you place it in StarterPlayerScripts???


How do you make a number spinner now?

I just used the original one that NanoBlox prepared it in the template