[V3.2.2!] Discord-To-Roblox Bot | 100% Free, Stable, Datastore + GLITCH Support! (node.js)

Thanks for the feedback!

I use these comments as motivation and turn it into a depriving sleep strive. Thank you for the continued support & suggestions :slight_smile:

So like on Discord you can send a command for example:

/sendcommand (command)

Say I want to give myself money…

/sendcommand game.Players.LuaMolecule.leaderstats.value = game.Players.LuaMolecule.leaderstats.value + 5

I can easily send the command in game. Pretty much instead of supporting multiple commands like giving money to players and such, you should add the send command function to allow players to send whatever arguements they’d like into all servers at once, or even specific servers using their IDs.

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This isn’t too much of a bad idea, however having a command to execute code in-game can be a useful feature increasing the convenience and accessibility for users.

This approach also comes with some security risks and potential complexities that must be carefully considered and managed.


I can have this implemented solely for the users that wish to have it, update will be pushed out soon utilizing MessagingService.

Glitch Support

Glitch repo is now updated for the latest release (3.2.2).


If you require support, feel free to contact me directly here. Any problematic issues can also be reported on the github.

Support Server

Have any questions or inquiries? Feel free to join the DTRD Support Server!

This is pretty awesome it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these, one suggestion though; would it be possible to add group bans?

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Hey there!

I could indeed add that! Haven’t received a request for this one, but should be a pretty easy implementation. If you’d like to receive updates on this project feel free to join the support server! :slight_smile:

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That’d be a great unique feature, and yeah sure I’ll definitely join up.

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Rewrite will be introduced within the next few days, will be working on multi-universe support. General concept for all commands will be /gameban <all_your-listed_universeids> <user> <reason>.

& OpenAI System rewrite also being introduced within the next few days. Feel free to stay tuned.

Ok, I know this is unrelated, but what was going on in the background lol?!

Anyways, this is really good! Keep it up!

DTR v4.0.0 Pre-Alpha Preview


  • V4 Is coming with Multi-Universe Support!

  • Add your universes with ease!

  • Merging onto a localhosted quick.db Database!

  • Clean & Sleek design!

Development Updates can be found here

This Project is receiving a Huge Rework

  • V4 will have more thorough time put into it, upon release it wasn’t expected to receive so much support.

  • There will be multi universe support, allowing you to specify which server from the server(s) you saved to ban a player from.

  • And so many more great features to come!

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest updates found here

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Excited to give v4 a spin! Saw it just uploaded.

DTR v4 Is near Completion! :eyes:

  • Valid Group API detection

  • Ban users via a group

  • Ability to save & list your universe IDs

  • Now utilizes a database for easy call referencing

  • Customizable settings!

DTR is near it’s release phase, and now in need of testers! If you’re willing to test out the v4, you can find it on the repo or stay tuned with latest updates in our development chat!

DTR v4 Testing Phase

20 Minutes left of the testing phase until this phase is concluded and wrapped up into the huge release of v4

If interested in contributing to bugs, please reach out in our support server found on the thread. Thank you!