[V4] Discord-To-Roblox Bot | 100% Free, New, User Friendly & Stable!

How does it work?
Image & Description by @Stratiz



This Discord bot portion works by listening to a Prefix which is easily set in the server code and listens for 5 basic commands with a simple syntax.


Global Announcement
More soon






Start now at dtr.bloxplays.com/upgrade

Whats to come?

  1. New website
  2. Mod Logs
  3. More Commands( group bans, group kicks(idk why), humanoid commands(god, health, speed,etc), and more)

lol idk how, but I scripted this javascript part somehow with poor knowledge of javascript, I can asure its safe, I’m currently working on the site & the global announcements command.

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Maybe you could implement a FFlags system so that developers can start things like 2x xp with 1 command and not have to restart all of the servers.

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I’m Developing DTR V4, With features such as that heres a sneak peek of it:
taking a snapshop

DTR V4 Will be paid access for onetime payment of 9.99 USD and plan lasts for a lifetime, dont need to pay anymore ever again, Im basing DTR like ClanLabs.co, of course there will be free trials!


(why can it get banned? abuse of the api, using it inappropriately, etc)

It’s really cool, were exactly looking for this. Can’t wait for more commands to be added!

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Discord is posted on the site.

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Just asking what language are you using for this?

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JavaScript, Python, MySql,ROBLOX LUA, HTML, PHP for V4 which is almost done, this version currently you guys have access to is Javascript & ROBLOX LUA

My bot isn’t becoming online. I have followed everything you said - this is what it’s showing

But it’s offline in discord

Edit: Fixed by refreshing glitch tab

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V4 Finished just adding final tweaks to it!


Hi what happened to the tutorial for the own bot or am I on the wrong page?

I can’t seem to locate the instructions.

Hello, We deiced to make V4 Free, future updates will be locked to classic plan, the free version plan grants you access to current released stuff.

Posted on the discord.
(30 chars)

Did you accidentally edit out the tutorial or am I mistaken?

Ah okay, thanks, btw looks good. (30chars)

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Accidentally edited out, so im just gonna post it in the discord as it will be changed around alot and post will end up getting lost by new posts.

also glad you “approve” of this version of your bot.

As in the scripting and everything is really good. I definitely would never be able to make something as good as this.

Hey this looks awesome, great job!

This is a huge upgrade with the embeds, the shutdown feature and global announcement feature. In addition, you’ve made the bot significantly more practical as a discord bot. I might actually use this myself.

Also another note, wouldn’t this be V3?

I hope im not the one who misspelled you’re in the lua script :sweat_smile:

Free version is V4 Same as classic, free version wont be updated but classic version will be, yes free version does have the new v4 features I just released! I hope you end up using our services!

Wish to use? Fill this information packet out https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710416106023813170/710441310556782602/DTR_2.zip
(its just a folder of your group logo, banner description name etc that you gotta change and send it to me on discord @drxploxs#0001)

I like javascript i need to get into it and learn how discord.js stuff

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