Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio

Okay, please let me know when you do because I really want people to have the ability to match their icon sets from default to Vanilla and stuff

you could use the StudioService:GetClassIcon(className) function to get the studio’s icon based on user’s current icons

That doesn’t necessarily work for things such as these icons:
Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 7.51.53 PM

If you want to use Vanilla in your own plugins, games or other creations, I’d like to hear from you!

I’m very aware that a lot of people might not need or want all 700+ of Vanilla’s icons, especially if you’re just using them for one project. To make it cheaper, I might consider splitting up the icon pack into smaller bundles of related icons, so you don’t have to buy icons that aren’t related to your project.

Would you guys prefer to buy the entire icon set (even if it’s much more expensive) or would you like the option to buy it in smaller chunks (so you spend less money to get a subset of the icons that might be more relevant to you)?

  • Purchase all of the icons at once
  • Only buy the parts of the icon set I need right now

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Note that this doesn’t apply to the Roblox Studio icon pack - that’ll always be free. This is just for purchasing the rights to use Vanilla icons in your own creations.


Are previous version of Vanilla covered by the new license? In Vanilla 3, the .zip package contains a new license, which I presume was added to license the icons for monetization. However, in Vanilla 2.1, the icons were licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

I was planning on creating a Visual Studio Code icon theme with your Vanilla 2.1 icons (for my own personal use). Am I allowed to do this, or do I need to buy them from you now? (I’m just asking to avoid copyright violation and I think you should be monetizing your work).

The plan is that versions of Vanilla going forward are free for personal use in Roblox Studio, but other uses such as embedding them in your own package (such as a VSCode icon pack) would require a one-time license fee. It won’t affect anyone using the package, just you as the creator, so it’ll still be allowed.

I’m still working out the details of how exactly I’ll license the icons out, so it’s not available for licensing right now, but I’m working on it actively and will report back when it’s ready :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys the High DPI update is out again!!!


It seems to be working fully with the new rerelease.


They’ve reimplemented the icon pack feature.


Roblox finally delivering W updates

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This isn’t working for me

I’ve selected the dark folder, yet it hasn’t worked. Anyone help? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Did you restart Studio after setting the folder location?


Yes, I set the icons folder & restarted studio about 5 hours before I posted that comment

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To use these icons, you can now enable Roblox’s new icon pack loader. Go to ‘FILE’ > ‘Beta Features’, and turn on ‘Enable DPI Aware Studio’, then restart.


Could we get a variant where the client is generally represented with green and the server is blue? When Roblox first added the server/client switching feature, I would always get tripped up by the colors not being what I was expecting.

I’m just used to Game.Players having a green guy in the icon and ServerScriptService and ServerStorage being blue.


I know you might have answered this, but how did you make them?

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I can’t find the post where @Elttob talked about Roblox reusing the same icon for both “show grid” and “grid material” in the ribbon, but I just looked at the view tab in Studio and noticed that Studio’s now using the correct icons for both instead of reusing the “show grid” icon! Was this changed in a Studio update?

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I’m not sure if you listen to icon suggestions, but- could you make the team create connection icon fit in (image)? I think having the line is enough to indicate the connection, looks bad compared to the other icons.

Also, this wasn’t changed:


Those icons haven’t been made available to edit yet


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