Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio

I already use ADHD Mod Manager and change it to zqtitanstudioreleasehighdpi, but where is the Custom Icon Dir folder?

Nevermind, I rejoin studio and I have it.

Roblox have rolled back the icon pack feature which Vanilla 3 depends upon. At this time, it is not possible to re-enable, so Vanilla 3 will not work until this is re-enabled by Roblox themselves!

Please leave any feedback here - I cannot do anything about this personally.


Is it possible to convert the icons that weren’t available before (TextChatService, RigidConstraint, etc.) into the classImages.png file?

I found a way to re-enable them!

You need to download the new version of the Roblox Studio Mod Manager and follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Change channel to “zQtitanStudioReleaseHighDpi”

Step 2:
Open edit fast flags and search for these fflags and override them with the values below:

Step 3:
Launch studio and enjoy!


hi, i keep getting these errors when installing that version specifically… i tried the alternate download (the full zip folder when u click Code > Download ZIP) and the version from the releases, none work. LIVE channel works tho

Edit: i think it has something to do with the update??? i tried LIVE channel with the custom flags you showed enabled (theyre enabled on LIVE for some reason) but it didnt work and gave the 3 same errors

Edit 2: suddenly, LIVE doesnt work anymore either. not even without the flags.

It seems to be causing issues with the script editor but you are supposed to download the exe

I tried both the Exe and the stuff in the zip, not just the zip, so that’s most likely not going to work unfortunately

Doing this completely bugs out essential features in Roblox Studio, I personally wouldn’t use this.

But its using the roblox mod manager, doesn’t that mean it creates a separate installation folder for it?

No clue but editing the FFlags & installing from a beta channel makes a few issues that me and some others have experienced such as camera glitches, scripting glitches & a few more.

For now, you can use the Classic Vanilla (v2.1) which I reuploaded: Vanilla. Roblox reverted the icons update so it works again for now. (tested!)


It doesn’t work for me right now

You need to download it and insert it into Roblox’s content/textures folder


I did that, but it doesn’t work

I’m gonna try downloading it again

Oh, I think a did something wrong, now it works!

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Hey @Elttob ! I’m working on a Roblox plugin which uses a few of these icons for consistency reasons, is this okay?

You’ll be credited for the icons created

I’m not currently licensing out the icons for non-personal use atm - working on some separate arrangements for people who want to use the icons elsewhere.


Okay, please let me know when you do because I really want people to have the ability to match their icon sets from default to Vanilla and stuff