Vector design software?

Is there even a purpose of using vector drawing software over using something like photoshop since you can only upload .png files to roblox?

Google is your best friend if you’re looking for a software. I have provided a list below:

Illustrator – Premium Software

At the top of it, there is Adobe Illustrator. Not free though… If you need a tutorial, @Younite have you backed up:

Inkscape – It’s Free!!!

Luckily, if you’re strapped for cash, you can obtain Inkscape! That’s right! It’s FREE! There is also a tutorial by @Kymaraaa right here:

How to .png the file?

Well, if you’re asking about how to convert it, you can export the file as .png in the selections.

Oh, one question unanswered; the vector drawings are usually for icons.


Although solved, I think I can provide more context.

Vector based image editing in general has a lot of advantages beyond the file formats.

  • The biggest being that they have an infinite resolution. You can stretch, scale, and warp them as much as you want as many times as you want and they will never become blurry.
  • They are easier to edit in many cases due to each shape being an individual layer automatically.
  • Being shape based, it’s easier for designing interfaces, patterns, outlines, or any other simplistic design.

I personally use Affinity Designer for vector editing. It’s far cheaper than Illustrator, and in my opinion, superior (having used Illustrator Creative Cloud in collage). It even has a pixel editing workflow to, allowing you to combine vector and bitmap (pixel based) workflows.


If you’re a cheapskate, you can use Vectr. It’s good, but not perfect.