Vehicle Movement - Best Strategies?

I’ve always wanted to make a land vehicle with accurate, physics-based handling.

Before the new constraints, this was too difficult for me, because I was young and I didn’t understand CFrames/BodyForces.

Now that I understand BodyForces, they are deprecated. And I barely understand constraints, particularly when to use what. So once again, I’m behind the curve.

So here are my main questions:

  1. What constraints are used to have the vehicle move forward? Is it the wheels spinning, generating friction to move the vehicle forward? Or is there a preferred constraint/force used? (Are there multiple options to consider? Pros/cons)
  1. What constraints are used to have the vehicle turn? Are good vehicle turning systems actually just based off of the angle of the wheels, or is there a preferred constraint/force used to steer the front of the vehicle?
  1. How are vehicles usually networked? What/how much is handled by the server vs. the client vs. replication?

Thank you. Hopefully some responses can close a wide gap of knowledge for me.

Not 100% sure about the other two, but physics is handled by the client and replicated to the server. You can use SetNetworkOwnership to change which player has physics ownership.

Also, where did you hear that BodyForces are deprecated? I believe quite a few games still use BodyThrust for accurate cars as well (think Jailbreak)

I suggest looking into this post:

They talk about key features about vehicle handling and the most common problems that occur with them.

I questioned that as well. BodyMovers are legacy, not deprecated. The difference between the two is the intention of removal. Legacy items are kept (and sometimes supported), though better options exist. Deprecation means an item can be removed at any given time.


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