There's no indication that legacy BodyMovers are deprecated

Legacy BodyMovers are deprecated, yet there is no indication of such either on the page linked above or the individual pages of the legacy BodyMovers.


They’re deprecated? I know there’s new objects, but I didn’t think the old ones were deprecated


AFAIK constraint BodyMovers superseded legacy BodyMovers and legacy ones have limited support left. Nothing public was really said except for the announcement of the new BodyMovers.

I heard rumors about this, but I sincerely hope that this isn’t the case. I have started using them, and they are the foundations of my game.

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Even if it is. It shouldn’t affect your game at all. They just won’t continue to update them, hence ‘depreciated’.

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I think we’re still missing an equivalent for BodyVelocity so I’d be surprised if they’re deprecated as there was no indication.


If I am correct, BodyMover works by changing the velocity of the object. If that is the case, maybe the same behaviors could be achieved using a ModuleScript. That way BodyMovers could be deprecated reliably (perhaps body movers could even rely on an official ModuleScript to retain future compatibility).

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I have some information on this when I was writing the BodyMover pages. I did ask about this and the response that I got was that BodyMovers are legacy, not deprecated. The difference is the intention on their removal - BodyMovers are so widely used they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Neither legacy nor deprecated things will be updated, but deprecated could be removed at any time. See also the legacy font for text UI objects.

In other words, it’s better practice if you use more modern alternatives.

Edit: I noticed you linked to what looks to be an out-of-date article on BodyMovers, rather than the API reference page of the BodyMover class. I don’t see much use in keeping the old article, if anyone has some suggestions on the content a help article should have I’m all ears. I did not author the article, but I did author the API reference page.

Edit (April 2022): I get the occasional notification of others linking to this post from time to time, so I figure this warrants an update: the BodyMover class and its derived classes (BodyForce, BodyGyro, BodyPosition, BodyThrust, BodyVelocity and RocketPropulsion) were deprecated in update 516 (March 1st, 2022). You should absolutely migrate to using modern constraint-based physics objects as soon as possible.


Should the documentation reflect that there are more modern alternatives, and provide a link to them?

Probably isn’t necessary but feel free to file a separate Developer Hub request for a documentation update referring users to constraints. Constraints don’t necessarily supersede BodyMovers but they’re the new standard when working with physics.

On another note, it seems like some BodyMovers are actually moving to deprecation now rather than just legacy status. For example, a recent announcement confirmed that BodyAngularVelocity is deprecated in favour of the AngularVelocity constraint.

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As of Release 516, body movers are now deprecated, not legacy. Documentation has already been updated to reflect the deprecation of body movers and suggests the appropriate constraint alternative. I will be changing the solution to this as the legacy status is no longer applicable.


No offense but did that take such a long time?

Body movers were superseded since constraint alternatives were added to the platform. Body movers were both already very widely used and constraints were still an early developing system that didn’t have all the components needed to simulate everything body movers could do.

I created this documentation request at the start of January 2019 regarding this and was informed as per the prior solution (the post by Ozzypig) that they were legacy not deprecated. I checked the most recent update and a deprecated tag was added to all body mover classes. So yeah. Makes sense why it took long too, but not that it particularly matters.

I still do not think body movers are going anywhere and the deprecation is, like PromptProductPurchaseFinished, to scare new developers from using them for new work. Phasing out body movers from the platform would be a long and controversial process.


Is there a non-depricated version of BodyVelocity that I can use? Due to how it is now Depricated.


Deprecated by the way, not depreciated. Those refer to two different things. Deprecation phases out older features, depreciation refers to the lowering value of an asset.

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Ah Sorry! I don’t spell that well. But thanks!

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