Verified Badge for well known individuals and groups

We have a “Star Video Creator” badge on the player list, but there is not one for Developers or other well-known individuals.

My suggestion is to add a verification tick/badge similar to that on Discord and YouTube. It could be found at a variety of places, including

  • Player list
  • Chat
  • Profile
  • Where it says “Created by [name] [tick]”
    E.g. “Created by Builderman :white_check_mark:
  • An API Endpoint to check if someone is verified (to allow for developer-created services to also show the verified mark, and for other developer-chosen use cases)

Use cases of this feature

  • This would greatly reduce impersonation
  • Identify plugins, models and so on made by verified users
  • Would help prevent impersonation of developers (leading to kids falling for things like ‘Adopt Me’ scams)

Over two years later, we’ve seen cases of impersonation and malicious models/plugins rise drastically. We’ve also seen things like ‘Adopt Me’ scam games, kids loosing hundreds of Robux they bought to fruadsters, and Roblox having to raise the pending sale waiting period in response.

Now, more than ever, is a way to easily verify well known users and developers (like you can find on literally every social media platform1).

1 this includes: twitter, instagram, facebook, discord, youtube, tiktok, google, pinterest, snapchat, and even olther platforms I can’t bothered to list