Vesteria Open-Source



Yea when I first started using rojo with vscode I had tons of trouble and it seemed incredibly difficult to setup. After working with it for a while now, it’s hard to look back and works like a breeze.

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Another great berezaa game made open-sourced. I wonder what will be next? Build Island would be cool as open-source.

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Interesting. Some of my friends worked on this game, I’m curious to check out what progress was made and to hopefully learn a few coding tips along the way. This is a great contribution to the developer community. Thank you for this.

My only problem is when people open source amazing work such as this, there are always a few bad apples that will try to re-publish it and monetize it. I hope that doesn’t happen with this gem.


It’s sad to see Vesteria die. I’m working on an RPG game of my own and can definitely relate to the struggles of making an open world game. I appreciate you making this open source!


In enterGame.lua there is a ban list. Did you mean to include that list? Also in verify, there is a IP url in init.lua. Might wanna censor that.

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Those are all exploiters. You can ban them in your own game now


Also I’d check this out, just in case.

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An unexpected but welcome surprise I’ve come across. Along with Miner’s Haven, seems you’re going big on open source work now? That’s pretty awesome to see.

I haven’t taken a peek at the code yet but reading the little description you left in the thread is somewhat reassuring in the sense that even some top developers spend a lot of time refactoring and fighting with organisation, especially in larger projects. It gives me hope that I can still untangle my own messes given time, in critical moments or not, to make a better working game. Organisation is easily one of my biggest pet peeves and overcomplicating simple things has generated a lot of technical debt for my projects or even prevented progress at all.

I’ll be sure to take a peek sometime soon. It might be especially helpful to do that since I’m helping develop an RPG game myself that’s fairly ambitious, but the tone is probably much different from what Vesteria is. Not to plug, so I won’t name drop or include links, but the timing was pretty advantageous for me. Been a little curious as to how Vesteria worked from the little I’ve played of it.

Much appreciated!


Berezaa strikes again. Big thanks for your work to empower roblox developers, from open-sourcing projects to advocating for support, devex rates etc :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thank you for making Vesteria open source! Why did Vesteria failed? I’m asking the question because I’m making a new game on Roblox and I’m avoiding mistakes that can cause the game to fail.

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Rojo forms the foundation of our workflow. It’s definitely the weak link between our games, and we’ve experienced issues with rojo and replication occasionally on our projects.

It’s extremely unfortunate that Roblox has yet to integrate this tool into their development workflow. It’s the bridge that we are able to use to connect to third party tools and it has improved our team’s productivity multiple times over.

Is there any alternative for porting between third party applications and Roblox Studio other than making an in-house tool ourselves? After using VSCode and other powerful external tools, we absolutely don’t see our workflow reverting to Roblox Exclusive. We’re prepared to make our own tools if it becomes necessary but it’s something we seriously want to avoid.


That’s so true! Just imagine trying to fix BUGS and ultimately convert the whole game to Rojo, that’s just a pain.

That was answered earlier by OP

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I really hope this is a satire comment

The code organization part was true, the following vesteria team blindly thing was an exaggeration.

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I was working on a RPG game myself using some RPG kit
Sadly it wasn’t very satisfactory and here you go, open sourcing Vesteria.
I remember playing it and getting banned, later on talking to you in discord, sending you anything that could be exploited, scripts, etc.

I got no idea if you remember me on Discord as we never spoke that much but yeah.
Thanks for open sourcing this, althought I’m literally confused as to how to get it as a roblox place, how to use Rojo etc etc.

Can’t wait to see a decent project rising up from this game’s ashes.

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This is amazing, I did love to make a integration with teaching on this content. Does this include any sort of demo place I can test functionality in?

This repo is primarily a historical archive of the game and is not intended to be used as a template for new projects. It would take quite a substantial amount of work to create a functioning game from the repo. However, there are individual scripts and modules which definitely contain useful resources.


And the owner of 2 of my most favorite games, open sources yet another game. Thank you, berezaa, for everything.