Vesteria Open-Source

Vesteria is a fantasy MMORPG on Roblox- originally founded by berezaa, sk3let0n and Polymorphic in the Roblox Incubator program.

In early 2020, Vesteria shut down and the team underwent a huge effort to convert the game to support Rojo and VSCode. Multiple global refactors followed, hackily attempting to salvage the game’s codebase. Simulatnously, the game went through a signifcant creative overhaul to simplify and refine the gameplay in an attempt to return to our roots. While the project was never completed and the game has reverted back to the original version, there is still great value to be found in sharing the lessons we learned with the public.

Feel free to share useful code or funny moments in the replies to this thread.


p.s.: yes, I am aware the keys were still in there


I loved your games especially miners haven I’m glad you got back up on your feet!


I completely agree, I think Berezaa’s games have had a lasting impact on the platform.


Hmm… let’s take a look at the ban list, who has been causing trouble in this Roblox world?
Obfuscated username alert:

Thanks for sharing this! I’m sure some people(like me) can benefit from this. Because, as a solo developer, it’s hard to determine ways that people do their tasks, and open sourcing game code can really give us insight on what other developers do.

Looking at the code, I feel like my style is significantly different from the game code, I literally only use PascalCase…


Thank you so much, at first I thought this was a troll lol! My biggest focus in game development is codebase organization, something I really am trying to get better at. I literally spend every night thinking about how to organize code. Thank’s for open sourcing your game I can now learn better ways to organize my codebase because if the vesteria team does something obviously it’s the best.

I will be looking into this and choosing the organization techniques I like the best.


Oh god please don’t let this be the takeaway please

We made a lot of terrible organizational mistakes and parts of the big overhaul were sketchy. There’s some really good code to learn from in there but don’t follow blindly!


I don’t generally like nagging on other developers’ code, but… You used Rojo and VSC, but you never got around to installing a formatting extension?

Everyone should.

network:create("signal_playerReadyToBeBOOMEDByTheCannon", "RemoteEvent")

This made me chuckle a bit.

Thank you for opensourcing this! It’s definitely going to be an interesting read. :slight_smile:


The commit messages are enough



Converting the game was a massive undertaking and none of us really knew what we were doing. We had guidance from @Quenty in the start without which we never would have gotten it off the ground, but we were still n00bs


Looking at this, it makes me feel better about the number of scripts you have and how organized it is! I thought that too many scripts weren’t best as you can bundle up, but boy was I wrong. Thank you for open sourcing this! It’ll help a ton with datastores and how you’ve done it.


Thank you for Open-Sourcing Vesteria berezaa! Excited to look at this and learn!

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Never expected this to be OS, at least not so soon!

Now i’m curious what the next project for your team is, y’all make some great stuff.


Nice, a famous game developer has open-sourced their game!

Good job on your games you make btw.

This can be useful to a lot of people.


Much of the team is actually still working on the project following the rollback. Several of our modelers went on to the UGC program. I’m rooting them all on just as I root on the new Miner’s Haven team.

I’m currently working on crazy experiments like Build Island with @ScottyMcPiper


Thanks for this.

I read your story about Vesteria. I know you have worked really hard and struggled, and I want to tell you that the roots of the game are there. You are a very skilled developer, and your passion is irradiant.

I am very glad to see that you are continuing and supporting the developer community while you’re at it.

Also, random side question, was transitioning to Rojo really that important? I am creating a game right now and I decided not to use Rojo, but now that I am hearing you put so much effort into it, and I am curious why. What benefits did Rojo have for you to put this much effort into using it?

If Rojo is truly this important, I won’t leave it out.


Rojo is incredible because it opens up new tools and workflows that improve your life in so many ways.

But its really hard to convert and it looks like Roblox is trying to kill it, so I can’t really give it my full recommendation.


Yes, we used rbxlx-to-rojo for Vesteria, but there was still a ton of work we had to do manually before anything actually worked. Other devs I’ve tried to get on Rojo have had difficulties with the tool that we never really figured out how to fix.


I hear what your saying. VS Code is favorite code editor and I love to open it every day, but I’ve only used Rojo once and I didn’t enjoy the workflow at first.

I always thought proper VCS was the biggest benefit, but I guess considering it’s VS code and there is a huge community, there must be a lot of tools.

I may use it since I have not began coding it.

Once again though, I read through your whole post about Vesteria and it’s history on the Vesteria Forums, and it really is incredible how far you go. I hope your roots grow into something incredible.