VGVC2's Model Mega Pack

This post is a result of someone mistakenly thinking my models were leaked, so I’m making this resource to make it clear I’ve open sourced them.

My Model Mega Pack is something I’ve had on my profile’s creations tab since January 2022. I build out of passion, and out of selflessness I want to provide the things I make to all devs.

Model Mega Pack on the Creator Marketplace

The pack is updated every once in a while, depends on if I have enough motivation to sort my models.

These models were made for my own setting, so you may need to do some edits on certain models to make them more friendly for other settings.

Inside the pack is the latest version of my materialvariant collection (I did not create any images featured in it, it’s only a collection of available materials) at the time of updating the mega pack, and a script that lists changes made.

Keep in mind, a good chunk of my models were built utilising materialvariants, so if you don’t use the materialvariant pack, some models won’t look right and you’ll have to substitute missing materials.

Also, there are a lot of unions, I’ve been working on replacing frequently used unions with meshes.
But for the most part, everything is very optimised to begin with.

As the description on the creator marketplace listing says:
Go wild, credit is not a must, but it’s appreciated.


You forgot to put a disclaimer that it has russian text, since you are posting this in the english section of the forums, like there is БЮЛЛЕТЕНЬ and ВЫХОД [the Д is stylized using Δ], also ТЕКТРОНИКС.

Also I do recommend putting them in folders instead of groups so I can easily select them without having to hold Alt, while other than that, it’s good

Yes, thanks for sharing.

And grouping them in Folders is a double yes…

Also can you provide the material variants pack link?

These come directly from my personal models folder on my computer, therefore they are essentially made specifically for my games and setting.

Users of this pack can change it to their liking, and modify assets to make them more friendly for their settings.

Also just ungroup things or just use the explorer and open the model trees to select a model.

I will make things into folders next time I update this pack though, which will be soon as there are a few new things to add, and some model changes that I made since I updated the pack.

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I’ve updated the pack


  • All sections are now in folders instead of models.
  • All the folders are still in a “master” group.
  • Moved the MaterialVariant Collection inside the changelog script
  • Renamed the changelog script to “Model Mega Pack Changelog” just in case goobers ungroup the pack and find the script just chilling in the workspace.

Read that changelog script for more info about what changed