Depth Spelunking Information

Coming Summer of 2024 (Maybe)

DEPTH SPELUNKING: A roguelike horror survival game inspired by Minus Elevation and The Binding Of Isaac

The game’s primary goal is to get as deep as possible into a mysterious, pseudo-randomly generated subterranean facility while avoiding dangerous monsters, completing tasks, and getting help from items or other players.

With various items, floors, entities, and upgrades, the game has near-limitless possibilities with each run’s difference.

Update Log:

Version 0.2.1 - Public test, round 2, 1st of July 2024

Second public test


  • Mobile support has finally been fully implemented!

  • Added the Depths Shop, a special floor during runs that can only be encountered when selecting the upgrade “Pit Stop” where players can spend materials to buy items
  • Floor system overhaul, small floors will no longer appear past floor 13, and large maps can only appear in solo runs if the floor number is 14 or above.
  • Added the terminal, a computer in the lobby where players can check things like their stats, bestiary, floor information, and more. Currently, only the bestiary has been implemented.
  • Added info gain, players can collect info on entities by dying to them or finding clipboards on a floor
  • 2 new entities, 1 returning Wanderer, Projected, Mimic
  • 6 new achievements/badges Researcher, Cataloguer, Luck or Fate?, Unbelievable, Unholy, Unknown Environment
  • Message of the day Board in the lobby
  • 2 new areas in the lobby, The Deep Dive Café and The Gallery
  • The boards in the lobby now have a 1/300 chance to display a rare text
  • Vinny’s NPC in the lobby now has a 1/150 chance per server to display a rare secret when interacted with
  • Radio pack, Tracker, and Shock absorber reworks, Radio pack highlights nearby items and tasks, Tracker keeps its same function and switches tracking mode from Entities to Tasks at the cost of 15 battery. Switching modes has a 10s cooldown. Shock Absorber can convert charge gained from completing tasks into stamina
  • Boss Buff/Rework Mannequins boss received a small rework. Instead of power coming back on by itself, players must now find a button in the middle of the map to re-enable the power.
  • New depths meter, during intermissions, shows the floor and zone the player is in.
  • 1 New task Simon Says
  • 20 New floors Self Storage Facility, Warehouse, Bluerooms, Classic Office, Courtyard, Library, Docks, Theatre, Strange Greenhouse, Pool 2, Frontrooms, map_test.rbxl, sound_text.rbxl, Warning Pillars, Mansion, Burning Lobby, Lockout, Firefly Equinox, Kelvin Settlement, Buried City
  • 3 Floor reworks/remakes Arcade, Deep Lab, Balloon House
  • 20+ New NPCs in the lobby
  • The elevator will now skip the waiting period if all players are in it when the floor ends, additionally, the timer for getting back to the elevator after a floor ends has been increased to 60 seconds.
  • 4 New items Chocolate milk, alarm clock, NEO Dealmakers, Horns of Sloth
  • The elevator in the lobby now plays a descending animation when a run starts
  • Flashlight buff, range increase from 35 to 45, brightness increased from 2.5 to 3, angle increased from 100 to 120, made the colour a more pale yellow/white instead of a deep yellow
  • Over 100 new Death Messages
  • Over 50 new lobby tips
  • Added FUN Value, a secret value in the lobby that is completely random per server. Different FUN values yield different effects. Try to find them all!
  • Added a GUI in the lobby when hovering over other players, it shows stats like deepest floor and current money
  • Added a certain someone to the Depths, they will help you and talk to you periodically on a radio as you explore, kind of like a guide
  • Added more interactions with certain entities For example, Shriekers can now alert Wardens. Mimics will randomly stop moving and look around.
  • New animations for some entities Warden, Gazer, Boreas, Mimic, and Shrieker all have new idles. Lurker has a new walk animation. Mimic has a unique animation where he’ll look around if he stops moving
  • Smile (Clan) has a new, unique ability now. Previously went without one for a while.
  • Every floor, there is a 1/6 chance that a bonus entity will spawn
  • Both flashlights now have a neon part when they’re on
  • Added an update log GUI in the lobby. The notes there will be much shorter and only include key things. The full patch notes will still be available on this Devforum Post.


  • Fixed a bug where completing a boss floor would not grant floor milestone badges
  • Fixed a bug where if two people are doing generators, failing one will cancel out both. Subsequently, fixed a similar issue where if two people are doing generators, completing one would complete both simultaneously.
  • Fixed a visual bug where starting items would be duplicated when starting a run
  • Fixed an issue where people with slow connections would sometimes end up on the roof of certain floors
  • Fixed an elevator collision issue that wouldn’t allow certain entities to enter it
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the game or disconnecting after dying would not grant rewards
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was able to look through walls
  • Fixed an issue with the flashlight where it would be turned on instead of off at the start of a run
  • Fixed an issue where tasks still scaled with players that were dead
  • Fixed an issue where Gazer was able to spot players through walls
  • Fixed an issue where Phantom’s Cloak and Echolocator worked without battery
  • Fixed an issue where upgrade terminals wouldn’t play their sound when activated

Update Archive:

Version 0.1.0 - First public test, 5th April 2024
  • Game officially opened for 3 days for the first ever public test


Resource Credits:


In-game content credits:

  • @012iplaygame - Kelvin Settlement, medium map
  • @gamingBlueNOOB & @Oblivionisbruh - Theatre, small map
  • @InkyPrower75 - Firefly Equinox, Medium Map
  • @ch1108 - A LOT of entity models and animations
  • @NyamusChan - Entity: Projected
  • @vR0nybtw - Wires task model, Keypad models, some animations
  • @G1o4m - Echolocator model, Elevator Model

Miscellaneous Credits

Developed by Foxxive Studios

  • @Foxxive - Project Director, lead builder, lead artist, lead UI designer
  • @KobrikTheDev - Lead scripter
  • @Takvshii - Modeler, builder, assistant artist, moral support
  • @Bxpok - Builder, modeler