Video uploads [Beta]: Add short-form video to your experience

I just uploaded a video of a guy playing basketball and I got warned, rip my 2k Robux, I try to contact moderation team


Roblox goes into excessive greed that prevents small developers like me from being able to enjoy things like me.

The money is a bit excessive, but the ID verification essentially makes it impossible for me to upload videos period. Further more limiting it to just 30 seconds is not worth the price and requirements, you wouldn’t pay 20 dollars for a 30 second looped gif anywhere else.

Just to have a small cutscene of around a minute, you would be forced to use up 2-3 of your monthly video uploads and combine them together in real time, instead of just playing a single video. This would also cost the excessive price of 6,000 Robux for only around a minute or two of actual content.

And while you can just use a camera and viewportframe or other form of cinematic, it will never reach the same potential quality as an actual video, with the ability to pre-render entire cutscenes in other applications like blender.

Forcing strict requirements like these stops small developers from being able to use this feature at all for the foreseeable future.

If nothing else, at least find another form of verification required other than a ID.


I cannot upload a 30 seconds long 1920x1080 mp4 video, what can cause it? I’m ID verified and have required robux on my account.

Hi there! We just released a change that should give a more descriptive message. Could you try again and let us know if the error is still vague for you?

Hello, thank you for your reply!
At first I would like to point out that I made a typo so I meant .mp4 instead of .mp3. Also, the issue is still the same.

Of course! Also, could you open your DevForum DMs so I can follow up with some debugging steps to help us identify the cause?

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In the case of uploading audios or images- it will often say asset creation failed if your name or description triggers the filter.
May well be the same for video.
Worth trying changing the name and description.

I couldn’t upload an audio named “Audio” cuz it got filtered.
Took me ages to figure that out.

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Just opened my DMs, I managed to upload my video after converting it to .mov, even though the .mp4 file size was 55 MB (.mov file uploaded at 11 MB). It was not the file name, title or description being moderated. I have no idea what could’ve caused it. Worth to add that my video got moderated after like 3 hours for “illegal activity” but after appealing it got quickly restored, I don’t understand that practice.

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I agree. That’s enough robux required for you to change your username twice.

if its that short then just upload like the frames individually with audio

Will it be possible to change the playback speed of the video in order to bypass the 30 second limit

This would probably work, would be really smart ngl. Setting playback speed to 0.1 would already make the video 5 minutes long!

(Haha but I wouldn’t let the mods know :wink: )