I am creating a camping game. I am trying a character walking or waving. Like in Field Trip Z.
I have tried watching yt tutorials. They only work for a dummy. Could you please help me do this?

Thank you.

From CoolGuyAlt_67890y

@boatbomber made an open source module for this.
See this post:

This renders the player’s character so you will see it move when they walk, run, jump, etc.

If you want to make a character wave, you can just load roblox’s default wave animation to the players humanoid.

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For some reason i cant open the file. Why??

You have to go to the models section, and click on the model button on the right hand side, then it should open your explorer, then select the model you downloaded.

still cant find it. I downloaded it.

It says no application can open it

I just explained, you have to go to the models section and open it from there…

I did it. After trying a long time.

My :grinning: :grinning: thanks to you

Hey, it’s me! In that post I didn’t know the limits of the WorldModel so I was tryna do stuff the WorldModel can’t do. But hopefully they add more functionality to it in the future. :slight_smile: