Viewportframes, and accessorys

While making my game, I decided I wanted to try and make it so the ingame character is displayed locally, while I got most of it working, I do have one issue image

while attempting to get the accessorys loaded onto the character it does not position at all onto the players head, heres a picture of me attempting to load it but failing


Is there any workaround to this? I was gonna post this as a bug but I could not post it on the bugs sections.


I am not certain about this, hopefully somebody will correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is because physics are not simulated by ViewportFrames. The options you have are to load them onto the character in Workspace and then parent the character to the ViewportFrame after, or to manually CFrame them into position based on their respective orientations.


I was considering that first one to be honest but I was hoping I did not have to rewrite too much of my code, but thanks for the fast reply!

How are you attaching the accessory? If I recall correctly, you need to do it manually if you’re on the client

Thanks for the reply too! I mainly only posted it here hoping that I wasin’t being dumb and there was another solution, and since I couldn’t post it as a bug report I decided to see if anyone had other ideas for a workaround as well, I’ll just have to get back to work on it!

It’s gonna suck though, because my game has a decent amount of customization planned so I’ll have to write code for handling and sending to the client.

See you both, have a nice one!

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For future reference, if you do need to report a bug as a new member then there is a process for doing so (rule 15 at Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum). I don’t think this is a bug though, so it’s probably good that you posted it here.

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