Vincent Theme Updated?

Hi. I just got onto my computer and got onto the DevForums when I saw that the interface for the Vincent theme has changed. There was no announcement about this or anything so I had no idea this was going to happen. It was 3:00 PM EDT when I saw this.

Here’s how the new Vincent theme looks like:

So no announcement for this interface update on the DevForums?

I think there might be a announcement on Discourse as the Forum is basically the same format, style and system as them.

I would check there or ask someone on the website about the recent change of Vincent.

EDIT: Another thing to point out is that the Developer Forum doesn’t do announcements of these particular things as theme changing or something outside of Roblox development as most announcements and changes are connected to Roblox updates personally.

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That looks like the dark theme; Vincent hasn’t changed for me.

My Vincent:

Dark theme:

Are the buttons orange? Then you’re on dark theme. If the background is blue you’re on Vincent.

My buttons are light gray. I’ve even checked twice to see if I have a different theme enabled, but I don’t.
Also, dark mode is different from what I have now…

The header is a little different and overall the interface looks different from other themes.

Do you have a chrome extension that allows dark theme to websites? If so, then that might be the case due to it being fully dark in Vincent.

No, I don’t have a chrome extension that allows to do so.

Just to add on, I have a chrome extension that makes the browser dark-theme, yet Vincent still works fine for me here on the forum.

Might be a local issue @GameDevSky

Vincent hasn’t changed for me either, I prefer the one that I have right now.

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Yeah it hasn’t changed for me either, and is working just fine as of this moment, proof:

You may want to disable any browser extention you may have that could be modifying the forum’s appearance such as a dark mode extension.

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The official vincent theme post has no new logged updates.

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Problem has been fixed. As @tralalah has said, this might have been a local issue.