Visual Coding System

A few years ago when I started coding, I began my journey on a platform called scratch (which as some of you may know is a Visual Programming System) and this is what sparked my interest in learning how to code and create games. It didn’t take long until I advanced into more flexible methods of creating games (scratch is rather restricting when it comes to what you can do :joy: ) but I still believe Scratch had significant importance as it is the reason I started coding altogether. Skip ahead a few years, and after testing a lot of different programming languages the one I finally fell for was Lua on Roblox and that’s what I have been doing for the last years now. But a few days ago I was a little bored, so I figured, what if I could make that jump between starting with block code to learning Lua a lot shorter for someone else? And maybe spark their interest in Lua coding? So I made a block-based coding system for Lua in Roblox! :slight_smile:

This system is in no way made with the intention that it should be used to create large or complicated scripts. It’s just a fun way to play around with code!

So here’s a little video of the system (in this video, game) that I have created (due to file size limitations I can only show you a short example using a few blocks)! Fun fact: I use the new AutomaticSize Property Beta to resize the blocks when they get a new child block.

Please note that the “Insert Box” is a temporary solution that I use for testing. I plan to add some sort of menu where you can just drag the blocks from.

If you have time, please leave some feedback or thoughts below! I would really appreciate it. I also have no idea what to do with this so if you have any ideas, please tell me :joy:. I may make it into a plugin maybe? Or maybe a game? I don’t know.


That’s pretty cool. I would recommend that you just have a frame with all the different blocks instead of an input box. That’s all I really have to say as well, I literally started making something like this yesterday, lol.


Yeah, the insert box is kinda a temporary solution for me to quickly insert blocks. I plan to have some sort of menu when you can just drag the blocks from.

This is very nice.

I’m quite a fan of visual coding becoming available on Roblox - not for the purpose of making games but for the purpose of introducing younger players to programming in a kid-friendly way.

If you refined this further, I’d love to see it as a plugin. You could feature it in a game to introduce the plugin to people, and to give them a chance to play around with a demo version before they install the plugin.

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Amazing! Pretty sure this is called psuedocode basically putting code into easier ways for example

if He Has a Dog then

This is amazing! You turned psuedocode easier!

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Wow… AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the finished version! Keep us all updated!

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That’s actually cool. Keep it up and maybe you can redo the Scratch from the scratch.


This looks great! It’s very intuitive and presented well. Excellent work!

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I also started on Scratch, and came to ROBLOX to become a game developer. :heart:

EDIT: I am going to create long and very complicated scripts with this. 0_0

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I like this, but there is a very fine line between kids learning coding and kids being forced to learn a VPL. This is good for kids learning pseudocoding but this is a very slippery slope for the future of coding.

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This is simply amazing, good job! The UI design is really good and just simply converting from Blocks to Script is just… Mindblowing. Could you write really complicated scripts with this? Seems really cool

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