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About Me


I’m Martin, known as Martini or 1TheNoobestNoob, now named (or, rebranded into) Visualizememe.
I’m an 18-year old developer from Norway, and I’ve worked with different types of tech and software, ranging from Roblox Studio to desktop applications and websites and more.

A little more about me; I started out with programming when I was young, roughly around 12-13 years of age, and since then I’ve explored new worlds, systems and memes. I like things to be organized, and I am also a mini cyber-security enthusiast. I have no formal education, nor am I currently in the status of pursuing a degree.

More about me

My code editor: JetBrains WebStorm, Visual Studio Code

Version Control System: Git & GitHub

Languages I know or that I’m learning:

  • Node.JS (TypeScript & JavaScript)
  • JavaScript (frontend)
  • Lua (for game development with Roblox)
  • HTML
  • CSS (a bit)
  • Rust (still learning)
  • HDMI


  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Google Datastore
  • Cloudflare KV
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Redis

Cloud Platforms:

  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Azure (Microsoft)
  • DigitalOcean

My Work

It’s difficult to list up games and various stuff I’ve worked on, when they all end up being abandoned or the people who have commissioned me, no longer respond or are active. As such, I have quite few products to present you with, however, the ones listed are of a decent enough quality to represent me and my work.

bloxy - An Open-Sourced Module for the Roblox Web API
Although not very publicly known, this project was made to make it easier to use the Roblox Web API, and some people call bloxy a “discord.js module but for Roblox”. It’s written in TypeScript and the repository on GitHub is integrated with CI (Continous Integration, and in this case, for building and testing code).

NPM Package

Discord bot and website - RoEssentials
This is one of my larger projects I have been working on. It’s a Discord bot with a lot of commands. It automatically scales up / down based on the servers it’s in and the total shards / servers hosting the bot. You can control a decent amount of features from the dashboard.

Discord bot - RoFilter
Small and simple Discord bot with one purpose: To implement Roblox chat filter in your Discord server. The perfect solution to mass-complaints.

Fiverr orders and profile
I’ve completed over 60 orders on Fiverr where the customers wanted Discord bots and other services, and most of them have left positive reviews about me, my service and the product I have provided them with. From this I’ve gained more customer experience.

Various projects and samples
See various projects and samples from things I’ve been working on. Currently, it’s not a lot, but I’ll keep adding as I progress more.

DevForum Topic - Modular Coding
I’ve written a simple and short guide on how to improve code modularity, which I believe many people have found useful and relevant, as it’s quite important in modern practices to split up code, which improves readability and maintainability.

DevForum Topic - Security Guide
It’s auite a long topic about security and how to secure yourself, written by me and peer reviewed by a friend of mine (read the topic).


The following are the periods of time where I’m usually online:

  • Every business day 16:00 23:00 CEST (Oslo)
  • Saturday 12:00 AM 12 PM CEST (Oslo)
  • Sunday 12:00 AM 11PM CEST (Oslo)

I’m usually online every day, so it’s very likely you’ll get a response from me within 12 hours. If you use Google Calendar, you can click here to see when I’m online (and when I’m not): Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule


I’m satisfied with either Robux or USD as currencies. I usually charge for an entire product at once (or, parts of the product). This way, we both know how much we pay / earn, and we can both settle down in advance.

In some circumstances, I will accept % of game revenues, if:

  • You are not unknown
  • (If you don’t have a game, but you’re making one:) You have a good concept, well-defined goals, and have planned the project to the details
  • I choose to


I’m reachable on a wide variety of platforms, all listed below:

Discord: Martini#0001 (user id: 211122613429338112)
Telegram: Visualizememe
Roblox: Visualizememe
Skype: Nope, not happening

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