Vive support is completely broken

Edit 2: Solved the issue w/ pointer and controllers by digging into the deep depths of the corescripts:

Edit: I’m not the only one with these issues:

Unfortunately, I can’t actually attach any error logs or any other sort of output / repro steps due to the nature of this bug. I would hope that in resolving some of these issues, I will in the future be able to produce better bug reports relating to VR.

Vive support is currently (almost) totally defunct:

  • Teleportation and all other sorts of interaction with the menu except close / open menu items is broken.
  • Occulus Rift controls are presented whenever the user is supposed to do something. I assume this means that I should have to purchase the rift if I actually want to interact with these interfaces.
  • It is, from all documented methods available, impossible to:
    • Override Default Controllers
    • Remove default controller teleportation prompts
    • Open the Developer Console in VR mode (so it is now impossible to debug issues in VR)
    • Use Studio in VR mode (so also impossible to debug live through that)

I am really distraught because I was hoping to be the first person to integrate my game as a dual VR/Non-VR experience - but when I had a look at my previously fully functional games that use VR, they do not work at all:

This is my primary game. This is what it is meant to do:

However the roblox default controls now override my inputs for some reason and cause an error (which I can’t debug since it is not possible to debug in studio or thru. dev console in VR mode).

I’d appreciate this whole thing being looked into.


Ive also noticed that if you split the touch pad into 4 sections the down button or “A” doesnt seem to work for me, on either controller.

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This should work for you.

Thats what I am doing but I think its because A or the down button is jump.