Steam VR no longer working with Studio? [May this be moved to Studio Bugs please?]

I recently got a Microsoft Mixed Reality headset and its great, I’ve finally got a reason to replay Skyrim again except in VR! But I remembered Roblox supports VR and I noticed there arent many games on Roblox that natively support VR so I figured it get to work at one! But unfortunately SteamVR doesn’t pick up the fact that I have opened Studio even know on Roblox it sees the RobloxPlayerExe. It just doesnt seem to see Studio. There is another post about this under Development Support his seems to be happening with the HTC Vive so its not just the MR. Since it works in Roblox and not in Studio im assuming it may be a simple bug maybe you updated Roblox but not the Studio code when Steam updated or something, I dont know but anywhooo just figured it let you guys know :slight_smile: I really would like to work on a VR game but I guess that may have to hold off for a little while. Hopefully you guys can fix it soon :slight_smile: Thank you for your time!

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